Let me introduce you to Mr. Tommy Hafey, here in Australia he's a living legend for many reasons. 50 years ago he was a professional footballer, playing Australian Rules Football (AFL) in an era when the rules, though basically the same as today, could be manipulated far more easily given the grounds were not flooded with TV camera's. There also was no video review, only one field umpire (now we have 3) and the shear thuggery that was tolerated by players, officials and the fans was immeasurably more than it is today. In fact it was in some ways a totally different game, and a totally different world from what it is today. Tommy Hafey was a hard man but a fair man by the standards of the day, however today he just would'nt be tollerated, none of his peers would be. Tommy retired as a player in 1965 having played 190 games for the Richmond Tigers over 11 years.

He was then apointed head coach at Richmond, before going on to coach the Geelong and Sydney AFL clubs, coaching some 570 games winning his fare share of premierships (Championships) along the way. Upon leaving "the game" he was then in the media for many years, on Television and writting for the papers. But what he's probably most famous for today is his fitness and health regieme.

Tommy Hafey is 83, yes 83 years old and his fitness regieme puts most people's to shame, including me and it has not altered since 1965 when he retired as a player, in fact it's increased as he got older. Every morning before sun rise no matter the weather he runs 10 to 12 Km's, ocean swims 4 Km's then completes 500 push-ups, 300 sit-ups and 200 leg raises. But wait there's more, for the past 37 years he's eaten an Asian based diet, he's been tea total since his playing days, never having alcohol and he's also been processed sugar free all that time. He gave up sugar all those years ago to prove to his daughter that it was just mind over matter and if you wanted do truely do something in life, put your mind to it, anything and it's achievable.

His nickname since his playing days is "Tee Shirt Tommy" because no matter what the weather, summer, winter, rain hail or shine he only ever seems to wear, you guessed it, a tee shirt.

Now Tommy lectures on health and fitness visiting schools talking to the benifits of regular exercise, healthy living, discipline and that we all must have a passion in life, not any passion, not someone elses passion, our passion. How it is our responcibility to go out into the world and find our own passion and pursue it with our whole being. He is truely one of the most insparational, down to earth people anyone could meet or listen to. 

Unfortunately Tommy is in hospital at present, in early March he had a brain tumor removed and has had to be re-admitted to hospital due to complications arising from the surgery. Everyone here will be praying for him, sending him good vibes for a speedy recovery because none of us is quite ready for a world without tee shirt Tommy.

Tommy Hafey, in my opinion, in bodies The Cool Impossible and what Eric and his philosophies teach us all about health, fitness, true self, over coming fear and humanity. There are far too few Tommy Hafey's in this world, people like him are lit from within and without fear or favor they shine a beacon of light on our own lifes path, helping us find our way . 

A speedy recovery Tommy.


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Comment by Robert Burpee on April 30, 2014 at 8:59pm

Thank you so much Lori, Of cause I don't know him nor have I ever met him but feel like I do, or at least want to, as Tommy Hafey stands for all that is good about the world. He uses his "Fame" for good but he does so much without anyone knowing, without mass praise, without the media glare, just because he can and it's the right thing to do.    

Two years ago he was the face of Jeep as they celebrated 70 years of manifacture, Tommy in this TV ad at the age of 81 plays a 70 year old, I don't know whether you got the ad in the US.


From time to time, usually about his birthday the media will visit him on the beach going about his pre-dawn exersise regieme. It's not fabricated for the the camera's he can be seen down at the same beach everyday of the year and if you want to join him he's more than happy. But be ware he suffers fools lightly and if you have an alteria motive you will be found out and sent on your way.

He talks to schools, and does clinics at local sports clubs because thats where the kids are, the people are that need his help the most. He often takes a training session and then is guest speaker at a fund raiser, he donates his time and often uses his own money when he see a need. And we can all take a leaf out of that book. He's just such a good man, a good human being.

Comment by Lori Enlow on April 30, 2014 at 2:43pm
What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing, will add him to my thoughts and prayers.

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