Impossible Week Three - Slacker Battle

In week one I had to battle the air quality from the forest fire, week two brought on the challenge of my heart rate vs the Las Vegas summer heat, this week a new challenger arose - my inner slacker. I had to force myself to get out running and to do the upper and lower body circuits. Of course, once I got started I was glad I did, but the time leading up to it all the usual excuses came up - I was tired from work, worn down from wrangling the kids, it's too early, it's too late, it's too hot, I'm still sore from the last run, and so on. Not that any of those were untrue, but I've come to accept that short of winning the lottery and finding a fountain of youth, I'm going to be dealing with most of those issues every day. So I ran.

This week also brings about the end of my 20 day sugar detox. Much like running this last week, it was something I almost didn't do at first. Now that it's at an end I can't recommend enough that everyone give it a try. The biggest benefit I've found is being so much more aware of all the extra sugar added to everyday foods. I used to only think about sugar in junk food, and figured regulating my intake of candy bars and other snacks would be enough. Little did I know how much was added to foods I never even considered to be sweet. I'll be glad to add a little more variety to my foods and have the occasional snack (hello chocolate milk recovery drink), but I won't be going back to my previous diet.

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