Well I'll be darned!   Man howdy, I have been on the strength program! Doing the upper and lower body circuit straight out of the CI book even some advanced moves....exceeept for the balance sequence. You know the very first foot exercises?  I thought since I have been training with Eric now for a couple of years, I was far beyond the simple balance exercises....I mean, I 

did those 2 years ago...I can do leg lifts on the balance board now and fitball lunges and pistols and frog lifts...why would I need to do the simple balance sequence?  It's too easy, I'm way past that stuff. Surely my feet are strong like kangaroo! Well over th

e weekend I triggered a little pain in my right foot. I was a little perplexed...I mean, Im doing all the REAL exercises now, near daily, my running is going smoothly, blah blah blah. Then eric asked if I was doing the balance sequence.  Well no, that's kids stuff coach. I'm way past that. He says, "do the balance sequence with one pole". Booorrriiing I thought, but ok coach. Oh jeez...I couldn't do 45 seconds. My feet felt weak. I wobbled all over the place! I certainly couldnt do 45 seconds in all three positions! I was barely able to go through 2 positions alternating legs.  My feet and calves begged me not to do the last position. Really kindof pissed me off, Ha! Here I am thinking I'm all that....look I can run an ultra...look I can do scorpions..pistols? I'm getting em!...but put me on the slant board...with a pole even, and viola...weakness revealed (by no means my only weakness!), but wow, what a realization!

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Comment by Eric Orton on January 13, 2014 at 8:28pm

Improvement always includes the basics.  kudos to you for being SO coachable!!

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