Yeah, that's right. But thought about it every day. I had to quit at age 17 because of hip then knee problems. I jumped into cycling and love it, but still want to run. Every time I started again, I had to stop because of knee pain. The knee problems have even affected my cycling quite a bit. I've had several surgeries but my joints are still in good shape. I'm just out of line and have some really tight IT bands and will need another lateral release to realign my patella. I refuse to be inactive and just give up. My first goal is to ride pain-free but I still would love more than anything to run again. Bottom line is, I'm only 46 years old, my knees are not degenerated, I'm far from overweight (5'7, 130lbs), and I have a strong desire to run again. What are my chances of running pain free and am I the biggest lost-cause that any coach has ever seen?

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Comment by John Walker on August 10, 2010 at 3:21pm
Thanks guys. I'll add the exercises Joel mentioned. The main pain is lateral to the patella but medial to the IT band, right in the no-man's land of the lateral retinaculum. Been nonstop for 8 months and on-and off for most of my life. From cycling I have strong VMOs but still pain. Since I've been away from running for so many years, I'll be sure to start very easy as everything hurts whenever I try to run even a few hundred yards. I'll keep checking out this blog.
Comment by Eric Orton on August 9, 2010 at 11:39pm
Great suggestion Joel. If your knee pain is on the medial side or under the knee, try stretching your quads really well and see how this helps with the pain. It sounds very simple, but if this is part of the problem, the pain should vanish pretty immediate and give you a great indication this could be part of the remedy. If the simple stretch doesn't work, try massage your sartorius, near your TFL. And I bet your TFL is very tight and painful as well.
Don't give up on running - and be sure to look at your form and foot strike
Comment by Joel Tomaneng on August 9, 2010 at 6:16pm
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