Grand to Grand Ultra Stage Race - Race Report

The G2G is a 6 day self supported stage race (they supply tent and water).  I could write a book on this experience, instead I want to focus on the last advice that Eric gave me before I headed into the desert.  My velcro on my shoe that was to secure my gaiters was coming off and I started to panic.  People were talking about how important it is to have the right gaiters and how you should attach them to save your feet from blisters.  I had done it completely wrong according to some people and I started to go crazy with the super glue in my hotel room.  At one point I super glued my shoe to the bed.  I emailed Eric about my dilemma and his response was "DON'T GIVE THE SHOE/VELCRO ANY POWER".  Those words struck a cord and helped me through my entire race.  I stopped panicking and let it go.  I will deal with the sand when it happens.  The first day, I had to cut a huge whole in my shoe were the super glue got on the material and made the shoe really stiff!!.  I was never bothered by the shoes/ gaiters again.  A little duck tape every morning and I was good to go.  I didn't let any of the elements have power over me.  There was wind, heat, sickness, hunger, no sleep, cold, steep climbs, sore body, and lots and lots of deep soft sand.  There were times that I had to crawl up sand dunes because I didn't have the strength to climb. I stayed focused on the moment and would deal with each situation as it came but never gave it the power to stop me from achieving my goal.  The point is that anybody can use this advise to help them get out the door and start something they never thought possible. I am happy to report that I was 3rd in my age group and 7th women overall.

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Comment by Margot W on October 10, 2013 at 9:23am

Sanja, I love your pictures.  I am not sure what is next for me.  If you decide to do the G2G let me know.  I can tell you things that worked and didn't work for me.  Good luck in your up coming races.

Comment by Sanja Burns on October 10, 2013 at 12:07am

Hi Margot...I never replied to your question about the Simpson Desert experience. Too much happened in my personal universe. Loved your report and the image of you on FB. Can relate to so much of it. I am going to do the desert run again next year so if you are keen, come to Australia. After that I might actually attempt G2G. Well done. Sanja

Comment by Lori Enlow on October 7, 2013 at 11:50am

So happy for you Margot!  

Comment by Eric Orton on October 3, 2013 at 2:14pm

Great race, but we want pictures, lots of them!  

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