You know I've had a fun day when I take a zillion pictures. Back at Ouachita Trail. Had a playful 3 hour jaunt. Maybe it's the Cherokee in me, but I feel such a connection to those Mountains and that trail. I do believe God gives the mountains spirits and I feel hers every time I'm out there...I'm weird, i know. No need to fill me in on that fact. Sometimes I don't like her much as she gently reminds me who'se bigger and who'se in charge, Who has the lessons to teach and who has the lessons to learn. Sometimes we fight..well..I fight, and she just sighs patiently. And sometimes, on days like today, we play. I think she was pleased, I know I was. I saw her beauty, her peace, her strength, and her form. I took all of her in, as much as my senses could take. ...and then I rolled my ankle and planted my face in the ground. ...and we both laughed. It was a good run.

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