We've been fortunate to have some lovely weather here in Lawrence, KS. Spring is here and so are the inaccurately named June bugs.

I'm in the final stretch before my road race next week. In preparation, I've done nearly all my mileage on that cruel mistress, asphalt, in the hopes that I'll be extra speedy. Unfortunately, all city and no nature mileage makes Melinda a dull girl. Perhaps it was a little Caballo Blanco melancholy, hard to say but I just wasn't in the mood to share the road with motor vehicles and noise and all that ughhhhh. I took it off road to the trails today.

Man oh man, am I glad I did. I feel rejuvenated. Can't wait to get this race over with. I see lots of glorious wilderness mileage in my future. Bring on the tick spray!

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Comment by Larissa Uredi on April 3, 2012 at 4:30pm

All I have to say to that is Amen.  I have been cycling a lot to a from work and it's all road...I'm itching to get out and do some mountain biking and some trail running this weekend!  No more tracks and sidewalk-over-lunch-runs! 

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