Forefoot Run Drills|Technique and A Video of What NOT to Do While Running (Thanks Eric)


Eric is training me for Marathon des Sables #mds running accross the Sahara Desert in Morocco in April 2011. You can see my video of a test Eric had me do in Sept 2010 time frame a month or so after I complete Ironman Lousiville with Eric's Coaching Support. Hit this link on my Beyond Limits Magazine to see the WHAT NOT TO DO VIDEO.  

Compare this to Eric's drills here on his latest vid blog post. I have been working a bunch on improving form since this test. It is taking enormous patience to get my body to respond to the athleticism needed to do it, but I just know it is best for me to master it for long term body health. See Eric's Forefoot Run Drills and Technique Video here.


Check out his email interaction with me after this run. It is interesting to see how he tore my technique down just from observing this test. His email to me:

"It was good to see your form.  You are a little bit on your heels.  Watch your video again and pay attention to when you are running the back stretch on the track, running towards the camera.  Notice how you can see the bottoms on your shoes…this means you are heel striking.  You can also see it from the distance shot.  We will work on this."


I hope this helps everyone. I was a college runner and thought i knew everything about running. I can assure you after working with Eric, I definately do not. :)



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