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My name is Rich and I have been a part of Eric's site for a long time.  Recently I was having trouble with tightness at the front of my calf, just outside of my shin bone.  After trips to the doc etc, I am now doing physical therapy.  What is interesting is what the PT told me and what he is having me do.  He told me that strength and balance are two of the most important things that runners need and that proper form is crucial to running injury free.  To that end he is having me do foot strengthning exercises as well as balance work on balance disks and slant boards.  I am also doing core and strength work on a fit ball.  During our sessions he is also having me practice mimicking the running for while balancing on my forefoot.  This is more of a rhetorical question, but where have we seen this before? 


For those who haven't done one of Eric's training programs (I have only done the online programs since I can't afford Eric's personal services since I can barely afford to pay attention, much less pay for a coach), I can't recommend them enough.  When I was doing his programs I was running injury free, finishing races and feeling good.  When I thought I could do it on my own is when the injuries started.  First, the hip, then the knees and now this.  As soon as I am healthy I am going back on Eric's program since I know it works and I know I won't get injured if I do.  I haven't been able to run any sort of distance for almost 9 months and can't wait to get back out on the trails and pursue my goal of running the 2014 Cascade Crest 100. 


I will be providing a longer review of the Cool Impossible on Amazon as soon as I am finished with the book but I can tell you that so far it is Eric's common sense approach to training that has worked well for me and others in the past.  I may not be the skinniest guy or the fastest, but I can tell you that I will be the guy who finishes.  Remember, in most races the first place finisher gets the same medal or belt buckle as the guy who finishes last.   As soon as I am back running I will post a list of goals so I will be held accountable.  Good luck with races this summer and fall.





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