Winter running in Jackson Hole and the Teton's is amazing, beautiful, and just as spectacular as hitting the trails in the Summer.  The BIG difference is the temperatures, often hitting minus 10, minus 15 degrees F during some of my runs.  Cold weather brings bright sunshine and perfect snow conditions on the trails.

With the polar vortex affecting most of North America, I have heard from many runners asking what I wear.  I have developed this layering system from many cold, enjoyable miles of experience.  One day sticks in my mind.  It was minus 22 F and I was running North of Jackson near the Town of Kelly.  The sun was out, but it was bloody cold, so cold that I had to run 2-3 minute intervals alternating between running forward and backward, so I could face the sun and warm all parts of my body.  I have run many many long hours in conditions like this.  Cold weather running is NOT bad for us, only poor clothing choices are bad for us.  

So here goes:

  • Sleeveless Base Layer
  • BIO Compatible Wool l/s Base Layer
  • Giordana Thermal Jacket
  • Zoot Compression 3/4 Length Tights
  • Giordana Thermal Bib Tights
  • ToeSox Crew Length Ultra Socks
  • B2R Moc Shoe
  • R.U. Outside Balaclava
  • Eassun Record Sunglasses
  • EMS Mittens 
  • SOS Rehydration

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Comment by Eric Orton on February 5, 2014 at 5:42pm

Forgot the most important thing, which you probably know.  Always blow your water back into your main bladder chamber, so there is no water left in the tube to freeze in between drinks.

Comment by Eric Orton on February 5, 2014 at 2:42pm

Hey Bryan - yes. MI is the real deal and much colder "feeling" than here with your humidity.

When I run long, needing a lot of hydration, I will use a hydration pack and bladder, putting it on UNDER my thermal jacket.  This keeps the water from freezing and I feed the hose through my sleeve to keep that from freezing over.

I also use an electrolyte mix in a water bottle, which the sodium helps raise the freezing point.

hope this helps - E

Comment by Bryan Curfman on February 5, 2014 at 12:47pm

That pile looks not too dissimilar from what I wear here in Michigan, except I trade in the sunglasses for a high vis vest and headlamp as I rarely get an opportunity to run while the sun is up.  We have had the hardest winter here on record in over 20 years, record snow fall and wind chills frequently between -20 and -40f so I have had to upgrade my equip just a bit this year. 

I have found that avoiding cotton was a big step towards staying comfy, it's amazing how just a few layers of dryfit clothing well keep me warm without making me sweaty though it always feels cold for the first 10 minutes!

I am curious how you keep your water wet?  I have found that keeping my hands comfy (in the cold) requires a very delicate balance and holding onto anything, much less a popsickle, will freeze my hand!  But even if I can carry it with me on a pack (added annoyance) it will still freeze before I get thru it.  I will be doing some 3 hour runs in a month and am not sure how to hydrate for these...

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