Truthfully, I haven't looked around on here for any forum discussions on navigating the training program. I also didn't read the manual for my heartrate monitor. So today being Day 1 of my training plan, I needed some help with that lovely piece of plastic and hooking it up/downloading/uploading all my info into the training site. 

Actually, my Garmin Forerunner 110 is easy to use which is primarily what I wanted it to be. I also didn't want the actual watch to be cumbersome. You've seen the size of watches out there. Yikes! Sure the shoes are minimal but here comes the watch... Not in love with the chest strap. Is anyone? I'm sure this is going to work out eventually with use.

It's been since high school track that I've ever actually warmed up before running- as in going running for 20 minutes before getting to the main event. I stretch, etc. but I don't run before I run. I step out of my house and run. So the whole warm-up thing is going to be fun to figure out.

My actual heartrate base test wasn't a problem. Thankfully I live in a spot that is fairly flat and easy to test on. I was dreading heading to the school's track. Plus, I saved my daughter from dying a thousand deaths if any of her friends actually saw me running.

Again, back home and hooking up to the computer/training site just took a while and a little guessing. Thank goodness the hubs was home to help me. Now I've got my zones and my plan- here's to 8 weeks!

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Comment by Melinda on January 9, 2012 at 2:43pm

Yay to Day 1!

I understand what you mean about HR monitors. They are huge. I've got a love/hate relationship with my 305. I may as well strap my iPhone to my wrist. It's about the same size.

Good luck!

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