Been a while since I've written anything, which I intend to remedy.

My website is up.

Pretty proud of it, and I hope it grows. I had my first interview in what I hope is many this morning. Got to talk about the training, how excited I am about the run, why I'm doing it. I think about these things often, but it's nice to verbalize them every once in a while. It makes it feel more real when I'm telling another human being who is then going to tell many more that I'm doing this. I'm sure it's just in my head, but I feel like it gives it more substance....makes it more of an event.

All of my media contacts from Los Angeles all the way to Lubbock are lined up, and I expect I'll be on the phone quite a bit in the morning. In all this, I fit my training, which is going well.

I had my first three hour run in a long time this last weekend! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that. I totally understand the purpose of my short runs, and appreciate them for what they are. They're preparing me not just for the run home, but to be a better and stronger runner in general. That said, I ever love a long run. I get to put my headphones on, and go somplace else for three hours. I listen to the beat, my footfalls, check my striking once in a while to make sure I'm not backsliding into beating my heels up...but otherwise, it's a nice zone out.

I felt great, I varied my pace, I ended stronger than I began. I've got two more to look forward to this week. I enjoy all of my training (minus the track.....MAN it's dull running the track), and I've really gotten a lot out of the mini-barefoot runs. I'm a convert. I can't wait until I can put in some real barefoot miles.

Things are good. August is coming, slowly but surely. I do believe this is going to be the best birthday I have ever had, with the best gift I could possibly recieve....


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Comment by Eric Orton on June 18, 2009 at 9:58am
You are awesome! Don't let all the media take up your training time!! ha ha
Run strong, to go long! - E

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