To put it mildly, the last couple of weeks have been challenging.  I am about 10 weeks out from my 50 miler and 188 days (as of today) out from my 100 miler.  I have been sick and not been able to train with the exception of a run on Thursday that was excruciating.  I have missed three of my long runs, two due to illness, and the one today because there are 65 mile an hour winds going on outside and they are going to last until tomorrow.   I am feeling better, but maybe it is the type A in me that is worrying.  I am going to try and pick it back up on Monday, so hopefully it won't be too bad.  Has anyone dealt with this before and if so, any advice?  Should I be worried about missing almost two weeks and three long runs or just keep plugging away?  BTW, I am doing Eric's 50 Mile training plan.  Thanks 

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Comment by Richard McGaha on February 20, 2014 at 6:08pm

Hey Lori, thanks for the advice, I am continuing on with the training program, just plugging away as I am able.  I like your mantra, might have to borrow it, that is if you don't mind. :-)  Thanks again and will keep updated on my progress.  

Comment by Lori Enlow on February 20, 2014 at 7:47am
My mantra for these things...SURVIVE (whatever blow you are dealt), ADAPT (make necessary adjustments-which make you stronger by the way), and PROSPER!
Comment by Lori Enlow on February 20, 2014 at 7:26am
I have some experience here Richard, year before last I injured my R hip right before my 50 mile race that was to be my big run before my 100 miler- Leadville 2012. My 50 miler was set for first week in July and Leadville 100 3rd week in August. 2 weeks before the 50 I injured my r hip, missed a couple long runs and a full week of running altogether. I had to pull out of the 50 race, continued my training program and went on to complete Leadville 100 in August. So yes, sounds like you are feeling better, regroup and get back to training, think you most assuredly can get your goals this year!! I know the pain of hitting those rough patches and the insecurity and fear they can trigger, but realize that fear is just because you want to be fully prepared, use it to focus your training and not let it inhibit you. Fear is good, welcome it and get going. Logically you should be able to meet your goals so go go go!
Comment by Richard McGaha on February 19, 2014 at 3:50pm

Robert, thanks for the support, 50 and 100 mile scares the crap out of me, but I am going to give it my all.  As I tell my students, there is no shame in failure if you give something your absolute best.  BTW, I loved visiting your beautiful country, hope to do so once again.  

Comment by Robert Burpee on February 16, 2014 at 12:59am

Richard, I can feel your pain from the otherside of the world. 2013 was my anmus horribilis, to quote the queen, I missed a point to point 45km marathon along the Great Ocean Rd due to a foot injury that x-rays and a CT scan could not find and the Melbourne Marathon due to being as sick as a dog. Now at the time I felt like I had let everyone down including myself, my head was full on negitive crap, but looking back now, I know realise it was just how it was, it was life and I can't change it. So there's no use beating myself up about it, life happens, it's normal.

I have no experience at 50 and 100 mile training program's but if I can be so bold to suggest something. What has happened has happened you can't change it, if your healthy, re-set, re-boot and make the most of the training to have left. If you have a red hot go, do the best you can, your a winner any way you look at it. As the saying goes : "The true measure of greatness is not what you may achieve but how may times you get back up when your knocked down". To me what you are trying to do is amazing, its bloody fantastic and I salute you. In my mind and I would say all of us in this amazing community think of you only as a winner for daring to live your Cool Impossible. All power to your arm, well in this case your legs. Please keep us posted as to how your going - Robert 

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