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A few days ago I finished reading Bens book, "Ben On Foot" and I wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed reading it. The book flows, is easy to read and draws the reader in so that the reader is able to experience and be a part of Ben's journey. You, well I was any way, with him in my minds eye every step of the way, seeing what he saw and felt through his words. He lays out in front of you the genisis of his idea to run 130 miles, his doubts, fears, joys, elations and everything in between. 

Ben describes his first steps as "a runner" in such a way I think we all can recognize a little of ourselves in the pages.

Its not a "how to Book", though there are many lessons to be learn't in and taken away from the book and this is, in my opinion, the reason Ben really takes the reader with him on his physical and emotional journey. The book is written as if you are a part of the process, part of the thought bubble that helped to form and mould the idea to firstly have a crack at this thing called running and then ultimately formulate a plan to run 130 miles to Bristol.

I feel I know Ben a liitle more through those pages and have some undersanding of his resolve, determination and mindset before, during and after the run to Bristol.

But other than anything else it's just a bloody good read from the first to last page.

Eric graciously giving Ben permission to Include his TCI posts in the book about the planning, logistics, and emotions of his run to Bristol made me fell even more connected to Ben, his story and his journey through our shared experience here in this place.

And if I can be so bold, do yourself a favour and buy a copy of "Ben On Foot" it would make a fantastic Christmas present or a treat for youself, I can't recommend it enough.

I truly hope this leads to amazing things for Ben and I wish for Ben what he would wish for himself.                                         



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Comment by Ben Brewer on November 3, 2014 at 12:36pm

Robert, these are very kind words indeed - I'm so glad you've enjoyed the book and I'm flattered by your recommendation!

It's really great to know that people have got something out of it.

Thanks very much dude :)

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