Training has been going well since my last blog. I am now running 15 min/walking 2 for three intervals which is covering around 5 miles. The best runs have been over Cannock Chase early evening when the light has been great and the woodland just beautiful.

However, the highlight of the last few weeks has to be the Introduction to Fell Running that I did on 10 June with Dave Taylor (Fell Running Guide) in the Peak District around Burbage Moor. As I have not yet done any hill work I found it rather difficult, but had a great day out and it was beautiful around Burbage Moor. We looked at micro navigation and pacing which was brilliant and will come in useful, and also did some uphill and downhill technique. Not quite sure how I am going to be able to throw myself down the side of a mountain with any amount of speed when I have trouble on a slope, but won’t be giving up any time soon. Will keep plugging at it until it becomes second nature.

The weight loss is also going well, I have gone from 12st 1lb to 10st 9lb. Only thing is that none of my clothes fit me now, so a shopping spree is on the cards.

The next goal on the cards is to run 5k continuously and this is currently scheduled for the end of the month, with a continuous 10k by the end of July. So fingers crossed things will go well enough to be able to stick to this schedule. I can’t wait until I can run in the mountains for hours.

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Comment by Becca Thorne on June 22, 2013 at 3:01pm

Apart from saying how brilliantly you're doing, can I just tell you how jealous I am?! The moors and UK fells were my favourite hiking ground until we moved to the North Carolina Appalachians - and we're moving again, to Bergen in Norway, at the end of July. I miss the English hills...

(And the downhill bit is the most fun once you have a try at letting yourself go! Bit crazy, but it's almost less tiring going faster! Please don't now go and break a leg or anything though, as I'll feel terrible.)

Comment by Emma Setterfield on June 21, 2013 at 7:07am

Thanks Rich.

Andrew, I have just got the Cannock Chase Orienteering maps to have a go at. Am thinking of taking part in an orienteering race but not sure what's around yet, so will need to take a look. But must admit I think I am going to enjoy it once my fitness catches up.

Comment by Andrew Pealing on June 20, 2013 at 10:40pm

:-) Burbage - my old stomping ground. Great area to go fell running. Keep it up - you'll love it. If you've been introduced to pacing and micro-nav, you should try some orienteering !

Comment by Rich Warne on June 18, 2013 at 4:03pm

I remember back in the 90s (when I had my 1st flirtation with running) I started with the run / walk technique on a 3 mile route from home to work, did that for a number of weeks, and then one day I suddenly realised I had run the whole 3 miles to work without even thinking about it - I still remember the amzing feeling! Good luck :-)

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