A Great Problem To Have But Have I Upset The Apple Cart!

Today was day 2, week1, of Phase 2 and I headed over to the recreation park in Healsville where I completed my 2, mile tests the first before I started the Strategic Running Foundation and again last week. After doing the warm up I completed 4 X 3' in SPZ.6, the first rep was right on the money I did'nt feel laboured just concentrated on form and breathing. The second and third reps required a greater level of focus particularly in the last 30 seconds to a minute but again I

managed to keep in the required zone.

Then afterwards while doing the recovery looking at Mt. Riddel (1,327 Ft.) I remembered that last week doing the mile test half of it was covered in fog and how beautiful it looked and how lucky I was to be in this place at this time doing something I'm passionate about. By then the rest interval was up and I took off on the 4th rep, this one felt laboured needing greater effort and I dropped out of the zone momentarily but gathered it back.

On finishing the rep during the rest interval my mind wandered back to last weeks mile test and I thought of doing it again, this time just for fun, then I though naa, just do the session, Erics words came to me "More isn't better, Better is Better" but the thought would not leave me. Then I started thinking, what if I ran faster and what would it mean, did it mean I didn't try hard enough last week, was my form poor last week, does it mean anything, should I do it or not, I don't know, part of me wants to bu, bu, but what if............ shut up Robert!!!!, just run the rep to the best of your ability, focus.

Before I knew it the rest interval was over and I was running the rep, I felt heavy and I could'nt seem to focus, I felt like crap but about 2 minutes in I decided out of the Blue to do the Mile test again and in an instant I took off as fast as I could. Focus Robert, form, breathing, focus, I ran past my 3 minute marker still pushing giving it all I had and I knew

from running my tests here exactly where the mile was so this became my focus. Then with about 200 metre's to go for some reason I looked at my watch, sorry Rich, maybe out of fatigue, maybe out of fear of a slow time, I don't know but when I did I saw 6.24'. S#%# I can't believe this, I'm staggered and just as I was basking in my own amazement I realised I had slowed down and I hadn't finished!! Crap!, focus Robert, FOCUS!

However before I knew it I was done, I had finished I looked down at my watch and it read 7'.06", 8" quicker than last week and I'm feeling prety good about myself as I'm sucking in air. If I hadn't slowed in amazement with 200m to go I probably could have gone under 7 minutes!

I then start thinking, yes you guessed it, What Does It Mean!, should I readjust my speed zones or what. Does last weeks time mean I could have pushed harder, should have pushed harder and does this mean that now my zones are not quite right, have I pushed too hard and I now won't get the best out of myself and the program for the rest of the week. Dose it mean anything at all!!

What I think it means is that last week when I ran the test I did the best I could on that day and today I did a bit better, as I said about my 20 minute test last week after tripping with a  minute to go, "It Is What It Is", enjoy the accomplishment, use the experience to learn and better myself. But I have to ask; Eric have I upset the apple cart and should I readjust my speed zones to reflect the time I ran today 7'.06".

Thanks alot

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