Since the photo on my page is a relatively current picture of me cycling, I thought I should post an old running photo, just to feel a little more a part of the Running With Eric team. The photo was taken at the 1975 Island Marathon on Sauvie Island, just north of Portland, Oregon. The shoes: Nike Cortez. (I actually did a lot of my "training" for this race in a pair of high top, green suede Nike Bruin basketball shoes -- such was the level of my running sophistication, back in the day.)

Full disclosure: I only ran one lap of Sauvie Island, in just under an hour and forty minutes; I had to go to work that afternoon ... and I wasn't adequately trained to run a full marathon anyway.

My best guess is that I've run about 40,000 miles in the last 25 years, many of them with some ache, pain or full blown injury. I wish I'd known Eric back then, even though he would have only been a teen-ager. After having worked with him the past few years on my cycling, I'm convinced I would have run faster and with fewer injuries had I only had the benefit of his counsel.

Bottom line: I encourage you all to explore Eric's training philosophy and programs. I've got just over six weeks to go until the National Senior Olympics, then I'm going to see if Eric can help me get back to a reasonable semblance of running.

Stay tuned.

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Comment by Eric Orton on June 18, 2009 at 9:28pm
Hey Keith - Great post and picture. The Cortez, as you know are classic. Everyone, notice Keith's (258) foot strike versus the guy behind him. Perfect example of a great mid-foot strike and a bad heel strike. And notice how Keith's body and legs are all in line and underneath him, where as the heel striker is "reaching" out in front of him and as soon as the foot strikes with the heel, everything is absorbed by only his hip...there is no support there. Then, he has to roll his foot from his heel, to his mid-foot before he can propel himself forward. This takes time, energy and is not efficient. Keith strikes on the mid-foot and can immediately propel his body forward because he lands in the "power position".
Since Keith is a cyclist, think of this analogy. Try pedaling a bike using only your heels!! Not very powerful. There is a reason the cycling cleat is positioned right in the middle of the mid-foot.

Have great races this weekend Keith! E

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