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Have a goal - stay on track

Back in September 2015 I spent a few days in Jackson Hole with Eric on one of his run camps

I’d been hatching a Cool Impossible to run (solo) one of the long distance footpaths in the UK. I challenge not only of running ability but also navigation and logistical support.

The run camp provided a lot of support, knowledge and advice around what was needed to run…


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Cool Impossible goals and self doubt


When I first read Cool Impossible back in 2013 my original “Cool Impossible” running goals were all time based, and essentially based around achieving ever better half marathon PBs

A disappointing half marathon result in October 2014 followed by a period of reflection after my 2nd London Marathon in April 2015 led me to revise my goals – a never ending quest to continually shave seconds off race times not only seemed ultimately futile (I’d naturally hit a limit –…


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Home Grown Adventures

Home Grown Adventures! When I was with Eric last September at his run camp we talked about a new direction for my running, at the time I was tired of…


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Run slow to go faster?

After my time with Eric last September his plan was for me to run as much as possible in HRZ2 which for me is 134 to 144 BPM, Aiming to build endurance. At first it felt weird because its so 'slow'. But after several months I can feel my endurance building. And my pace and heart rates are interesting as well! Based on 10 mile and more runs, Averages are

November 13:15 min mile with HR 145

January 12:47 min mile HR 139

February 11:12 min mile HR 140

Want to go faster for…


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Glorious Jackson Hole

So what started as a conversation between my wife and I over dinner way back in the depths of winter, came to fruition in mid September with me flying 6,000 odd miles from UK to Wyoming to attend one of Eric Orton’s mountain running academy training camps. As in his book the story began as “You In Glorious Jackson Hole” with Eric meeting me at the airport and shuttling me to the Teton mountain village which would be base for the next 3 days.…


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Thought I'd start by re-posting (from the 2014 Cool Impossible thread) my Cool Impossible for 2014...


My original post....

"Bit of background first! I was forced to run in PE when I was at school and generally hated it because I thought I was no good and the teachers didn'r care. I left school in 1982 and didn't run again until about 1991 when I joined the army reserves, when I left them in 1993 I dindn't run until 2010! My first run in 2010 took me…


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Cool Impossible group on Garmin Connect

Hiya! If you area regular Garmin user and uplaod your runs to Garmin Connect, then you might like to join the group I've formed. Thought it might be nice to have a group where we could all share our run data.


The group web page is

The group is called "Cool Impossible" - you'll need to request 'permission' to join the group - as I've set it up I'm already a member - my name on…


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'Running' injury? Look for the less obvious cause!

Running can have a bad rep as a cause for all sorts of injuries. But following the Cool Impossible programme shows how through strength and form training you can avoid pit falls and run injury free. Which was I was surprised late last year I started getting a pain in my lower back / upper hip on the right hand side of body, and at the same time a stiff neck on the left side. The non-running medical professional may have pointed the finger at road running in only 4mm drop shoes. But I believe…


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Progress so far

Think it was fair to say that after achieving my sub 1:30 half marathon in April, my motivation and training had flat lined, I wanted to push on to 1:25, but it just wasn't coming. I'd picked up and put down many training books over the years and dismissed them all. Then Eric started tweeting about his new book, and i was intrigued. Took the bold step of ordering it on line having not even flicked through it in a book shop, so glad I did I was hooked from the first page :-)

So far,…


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Listen to your feet

Before I started running in 2010, I had 3 pairs of shoes - a pair for the office, a 'casual' pair for 'social' events and a pair of work boots for gigs and pubs. I loved my work boots and have worn them for about 30 odd years. And I hated wearing flip-flops / sandals

When I started running I added a pair of running shoes - picked for me by the local running shop - Saucony Jazz. They were OK but not brilliant, so in 2011 the running shop 'chose' another pair for me, Saucony Phoenix -…


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Day 1 - new world

The Cool Impossible dropped on my door mat this week - started reading and already excited about the possibilities

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Train With Eric

Foot Core

The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limits

“this is by far one of the best training books of the past decade.” - Competitor Magazine

Order link:





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