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Kansas Man is Professional Dog Runner

Need to find a way to make this happen... dream job!

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Yet another race report

Just ran my 2nd half this weekend at the annual Kansas City Corporate Challenge. Wasn't planning this race but since I work for a software company, there aren't a lot of 46 year old women they could coax to run in my age group!

Since this was a race for team points, I wanted to do more than just finish happy this time around.  Unlike my first half a few weeks ago, I wanted to…


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Race Report

I "Rocked the Parkway" on April 14th. Just now getting around to posting about the experience.

This was the first time I'd raced a half-marathon so no time goals. I only wanted to finish and not walk. I was aiming for 2:10 and finished in 2:08. Not going to win any races with that pace but mission accomplished!

During my training runs, my left hamstring, periformis and Achilles would act up on…


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We've been fortunate to have some lovely weather here in Lawrence, KS. Spring is here and so are the inaccurately named June bugs.

I'm in the final stretch before my road race next week. In preparation, I've done nearly all my mileage on that cruel mistress, asphalt, in the hopes that I'll be extra speedy. Unfortunately, all city and no nature mileage makes Melinda a dull girl. Perhaps it was a little Caballo Blanco melancholy, hard to say but I just wasn't in the mood to share the…


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It's all coming together

Closing in on Goal One for the season: my first half marathon. Excited and a bit anxious. I remember feeling like this the first time I raced a 5K.

I've never felt stronger as a runner and I'm mentally "there". It's been a long slog but the rewards of rebuilding my form are paying huge dividends. I ran my mile test today and in only 8 months, I've shaved a full 1:20 off my mile pace. That just blows my freaking mind. In addition, I've lost 13 lbs and I'm ripped.

I feel like I…


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Funny because it's true


 More inspiration can be found here:

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Running After Antelope

LIstened to a 1997 episode of "This American Life" on the way to work yesterday:

In it, Scott Carrier talks about persistence hunting and living more simply. Forgotten how much I love him. 

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Brick with le child

We were fortunate to have another glorious day in the 60s. Burned some serious calories today doing a run/swim brick workout  with the kiddo.

Started with a really easy trail run at the dog park. On the way out of the place, a poor woman was trying to find her runaway dog. We ended up doing some unplanned hill work trying to help her wrangle the frightened thing! 

After that, Jude and I participated in a parent/child swim team practice. It's a new thing my son's swim coach is…


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Unseasonably Warm

Squeezed in a lunch run today because it was FREAKING 65 degrees here today. I wore a tshirt and shorts, something I've never done in a Kansas January. My YakTrax and baselayers might be sitting in the drawer a little bit longer this season.

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A New Year

It's been a rewarding year. This weekend I'll wrap up my 12 week strength plan. This on the heels of a 6 week strength plan. The fact that my knees were able to handle 35+ weekly miles without a single complaint is a testament to sticking to the plans. I used 2011 to patiently rebuild my form. Not only have the knee problems abated, my body even looks different. Unexpected bonus but I'll take it. Thank you Eric for helping me get through this. 

If 2011 was my transition year,…


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Black toenail, check.

So I'm on my way to my first black toenail. According to Jeff Galloway, getting your first one is a sign that you've moved your training into a higher level. I'll take that as a good thing. He had some good tips on dealing with these. Thankfully, it doesn't hurt at all.

I may post a picture once it reveals itself in its full technicolor glory. I bet you can't wait for that...



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Heading for the hills in Kansas

So yeah, my 12 week intermediate strength plan is going great. The only problem I have is finding long hills for some of my interval workouts. We just drove around town searching for an 8 minute incline!

Kansas is cyclist heaven. If you've ever driven across the state, you'd know that it is pancake flat. Luckily, we found the unicorn and tomorrow's workout is ON!

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New PR

Raced a 5K on a lark this AM. Knocked 5 minutes off my time and got first in my age group. I guess those training plans really do work! ;)

Thank you Eric. Can't wait to see what I do next.

Added by Melinda on October 2, 2011 at 10:16am — 1 Comment

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