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Trails of Öland, Sweden

So I was out the other day in day light and managed to snap some shots on my way in this no-snowing-winter-weather. Feel the fresh air? Doing an easy run so I my cell phone ready to take som pictures along the way.

Up, up the trail we…


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Interesting race in my neighborhood

So, who's up for a run as long as you can race? Happening in my neighborhood. The Wings for life world run, a charity event to run for those who can't. http://www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/en/locations/oeland/facts/#map-202

From the web page: "100% of the proceeds from the event will go to the Wings for Life…


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Sweden calling rainman

This winter is not providing the weather we usually have. All December and January we've had a temperature around 37-45 F and it's been rainy and wet. Usually this time of the year we have snow and the temperature can easily drop to 5 F... That was what I prepared my mind for (and gear, as I bought ice grippers to fit my shoes, but hey, havn't had to use them). So without the snow it's been really dark and gloomy. So happy thoughts is my guiding light and motivation. Do not surrender to the… Continue

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Merry xmas and a happy new running year

Felt good running with my father in law today. We did 12,5 km. Warmed up with the slant board. Some massage of my calves afterwards. Have a good feeling in my legs. Thank you for all advices in my prior posts.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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Bring it on

Ok, lesson learned. Plan for recovery. Note taken. Took a first run since two weeks back. Just to see what it feels like in my calves. Just a short, slow 3,5 km. Warming up with Erics slant board excercises. (Have I mentioned that I really appretiated your book?!) Writing this a couple of hours later and the feeling is ok. I'm really going to do as you recommended in my last post.

I've had some time to think about my cool impossible for next year... So I'm looking forward to running… Continue

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Fourth week *In recover mode*

Ok, so I started off a little hard. So I over worked my FHL... What to do, what to do... Head on to some alternative training. Jumping in the water to do some swimming instead. Feels ok, although I miss the running, but want to feel well in my calves/FHL til Christmas as I scheduled a run with my father in law then.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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Third week of strength training - a bit disapointed

Thought this was going well... Took a short run before my first day of excercise this week. Ok, no probs. Felt good, working on my transition from mid to forefoot. Slant board excercises next. Next day I was feeling sore in the flexor hallucis longus. Damn, and I think I'm taking it slow. Also a bit sore in my right shoulder, so I'll take a break from upper body excercises this week. Just to cool it down a bit. Did my slant board excercises again today. Feeling better in my calves. Have to… Continue

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Second week of strength training - confident that this is the right path


Ok, so I've finished my second week of strength training. Still working out at a total of 4 days this week of training (2 days with the slant board feet/lower body excercises and 2 days with the fitball upper body excercises. Alternating feet/upper body/rest/feet/upper body/rest, eeh, you know the drill). And wow, I can already feel the power of the excercises. They seem so naive and simple in the book, but the slant board really does it.

So, I'm heading into third week,…


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After first week of strength training


Feeling positive after completing my first week of strenght training, focusing on my feet. Taking a break in my running at the same time, as I have a history of tightness/pain in my achilles tendons and flexor hallucis longus. Hope to say good bye to that. Worked feet and barbell one day and upper body excercises the other. All toghether 4 days last week. Goal is to be persistant, as I love running but hate strength excercising.

This week: no running, strength excercise as…


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