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Weeks 9 & 10

Things are going well, not much new to report from these two week, Phase 1 is almost done. I've been doing some night running and it turns out that Las Vegas is not a barren lifeless desert.

Glad I wasn't doing a barefoot run with this guy.…


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Week 8 - A Recovery Week Victory

It's been awhile since I've put in an update. I'm into week 10 of phase 1 from The Cool Impossible and all is going well. I'll have more about weeks 9 and 10 later on but for now I just want to focus on the end of week 8. It appeared to be another recovery week, so I did not expect any challenges to arise, but lo and behold one did. It was more mental than physical, but it's really helped energize me in these subsequent weeks. It was on the last day, time for my long slow run. Fortunately it…


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Week 6, Week <mumble, cough>, and Week 7. Plus some ephemera.

Another entry in my ongoing journey through Coach Eric's Cool Impossible Foundation Program. Weeks 6 and 7 were a little challenging given that my family summer vacation fell in the middle of it. I managed to complete week 6, but week 7 got a little derailed so I just started it over when I got back. I did manage a little bit of cross training pushing my kids in the triple stroller around Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and Legoland over an 8 day period. For some reason the…


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Weeks Four and Five

     I overcame my inner slacker and kept on the program. It helped a lot that week four seemed to be a bit of a recovery week. Week five definitely was not a recovery week, with some sprinting and hills thrown in the mix, but as I've said before, after working on staying in a lower heart rate zone for a majority of the runs up to this point, I found myself looking forward to these runs where I could let my heart race. Speaking of heart rates I was shocked to see that my resting rate had…


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Impossible Week Three - Slacker Battle

In week one I had to battle the air quality from the forest fire, week two brought on the challenge of my heart rate vs the Las Vegas summer heat, this week a new challenger arose - my inner slacker. I had to force myself to get out running and to do the upper and lower body circuits. Of course, once I got started I was glad I did, but the time leading up to it all the usual excuses came up - I was tired from work, worn down from wrangling the kids, it's too early, it's too late, it's too…


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Impossible Week Two - Be Still My Heart

All right! Week two is in the bag, and no smoke or ash was in the air. I'm finding that one of the most challenging aspect of the program so far is keeping my heart rate down. Trying to stay in my heart rate zone 2 while still running can be a challenge. I know part of this is my conditioning (or lack thereof) but I also can blame the heat here in Las Vegas. I was able to go farther and faster on my long run in week 2 while staying in HRZ 2 compared to the previous week. Most of that is…


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Impossible Week One

I've been running on my own without much direction for the last several years. I haven't made much progress, and honestly had no real reason to. However I recently did a Ragnar with a group of friends. It was fun, but I saw that I had room for a lot of improvement. So after reading The Cool Impossible I was very excited to get started. I did the test phase, and then the following week strapped on my heart rate monitor and went outside to discover that there was a massive forest fire just…


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