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Year Number 5

I just caught Eric's interview on the Connect Run Podcast while on my 8-miler yesterday. Excellent interview, Eric! While listening, it reminded me of how far I had come as a runner since I started 5 years ago and how The Cool Impossible had helped become a better runner.

I was diagnosed with hypertension about 7 years ago at age 36. At the time, I was a smoker of 17 years, sitting around much of the day, and eating fast food regularly. Somehow, I had deluded myself…


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Reaping the Benefits of TCI

This is my second time through the TCI program. Last year, I focused mainly on transitioning to the forefoot strike and my form in general. I find that I am benefiting even more this season having already gone through the program once before.

I completed my 1-mile retest yesterday and was 55 seconds faster than I was when I tested at the beginning of this training period! That was in 20 mph winds also. When I started my training I wasn't sure how feasible my personal 5K goal was, but…


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I love those 10 second sprints in Phase I!

I get to feel like a track star for a bit. :)

I am really enjoying my second time though the TCI program thus far. Last time it was all about adjusting to the form changes and getting used to running a little slower during most of my easy runs. This time, I have really been able to focus on the bigger picture. Instead of just trying to make sure I land on the forefoot and get my cadence down, I can really tune in to the entire form (stability, consistency, and…


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My Cool Impossible Update

Well, it was a great end to my season. I crushed my previous HM by over 5 minutes! Thanks to Eric for the book and his replies to this forum over the year as well as to all of you who have participated here. I am sore in all the right places this morning (calves, glutes, and hip flexors), so I know that I transitioned well.

Aside from the increased weekly mileage and the form tweaks, the rolling hills long runs in phase 2 helped e the most I believe, since my race had about 4 miles of…


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Nearing The End of TCI Plan/Race Day Appoaching

Just 5 weeks left until my HM following a season of the TCI training plan. I timed my training so that phase 2, week 9 would be my taper week. I repeated weeks 1-4 of phase 2, similar to suggestions I read from Eric in the forum. I am thinking about changing up my remaining long runs, however, since I have repeated those weeks and am approaching race day. Instead of running rolling hills, I am thinking about running relatively flat routes in HRZ 1-2 and finishing my runs  at half-marathon…


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Just Started Phase 1!

I have been so psyched to start Eric's program. It felt like the time would never arrive. I have been doing the strengthing exercises and running 3-4 days a week for a little over a month, and now it's time. I did test #1 yesterday afternoon. I still need to become more consitient with my strength training and start working in some of the drills, but I am almost ready to go.

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