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Your knees

Rule 1: Drive your knees forward.
Rule 2: Balance board exercises will help get better.
Rule 3: Consistency is key.

I had a big breakthrough this week end. I was more shuffling than anything else. Well, not anymore.

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The mind makes the athlete.

This morning, I went to a trail race in the Cleveland National Forest.

I had an epiphany. Physical fitness notwithstanding, my mind is always going to be my biggest obstacle.

During the last two miles, we had to take on steep hills. My mind kept fighting me "you're done, you're out of breath, start walking" and I kept pushing, Running. The more I pushed, the louder the voice in my head got. Until one point where the voice was gone. And I kept…


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One irksome matter: foot placement.

When I run this

I feel like I am running tires like these guys

Have you experienced this? What I am doing wrong…


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Just saying...

I think the holiday season is as good as thanksgiving and give us an opportunity to be thankful.

When I started running years back, I was "doing my own thing" but was rather aimless.

Fast forward to 2013. Eric's book. I started reading voraciously, training, practicing (balance board, people!) and this past summer, I attended Coach Orton's camp  in WY. What an experience!

Slowly things have evolved. I started shaving time off my 50K PB, by one hour, and another hour. And…


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Make up miles?

I always wonder what's a runner to do when it comes to days when you can't run.

Say, you are on a training plan and you're set to run 30 miles next Sunday. You can't make it because your employer is sending you at the last minute to visit a customer across the country. You'll be in flying all week end long.

What do you do? Do you push this missing day to the following Sunday? Do you just ignore it and move on to the next run?

As I got more…


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Accept the inevitable?

Thirty years ago, I was a teenage soccer and rugby fanatic. Quick on my feet, good sprinter and good strategist made a great pick for regional and local games. I was, to be fair, a kid in great shape.

Fast forward to five years ago.  Married, kids, work promotions, working through the night and week ends, eating on the run made me a successful yet unhappy and severely unhealthy, overweight forty-something man.

At that point, I chose to retake control of my life.…


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Impossible is nothing.

Eight years ago, I "rebooted" my life by starting to run.

I lost weight (went from 235 lbs down to 176 lbs) and dramatically changed my diet. At 48 years old, I have climbed Mt Whitney twice, biked hundred of miles and ran 3 marathons, several 5ks, half marathons and to date, two 50Ks.

But my nutrition would always get in the way of my performance. Either I'd bonk, or I'd get sick. My last 50k was an embarrassing DNF. I started to…

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