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My Glutes Send A Message

On Saturday I was doing some work up at my son's primary school which involved driving metal wedges, known as "wizards" into the ground to support pole mounted signage. So as to drive the "wizards" into very dry and hard ground with the full face of the sledge hammer I had to squat and swing the sledge hammer.

If you can picture me bent at the knees, my butt approaching being parallel to the ground while leaning slightly forward to keep my balance and swinging a sledge hammer. Now the…


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Eric's Philosopies

This afternoon my 9 year old son had a chiropractor appointment and as we walked into his rooms Aaron (our chiropractor) asked my son "so what have you been up to" in his usual caring and engaging manner. With that my son rolls of all that he's been up to and says at the very end "and Mum & Dad's been getting me to do the wobble, - er slant board. Now Aaron knows what my…


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Whats Happening In Our Neck Of The Woods & It's Not Snowing

Hi everyone, as I'm sure you know, news travels fast its been very hot here and we again have bush fires (wild fires), there are some 40 burning around the state of Victoria. We are fine the closest to us is about 30km away. in the artical I have posted it talks about Black Saturday. the 5th anniversary of Black Saturday was on Friday just past (7th) and on that day 183 people lost their lives, stock losses were too large to count and 4,500 homes and business were lost. Our town was…


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"Eat & Run"



Last year I read Scott Jurek's book "Eat & Run" and not only is his personal story so compelling, his running achievements beyond belief, his research and knowledge of nutrition and how to apply it not only to fueling his running but to living a healthy life was, to me, spell binding. As an example he takes the trouble to make his own rice milk so he knows what is exactly in it and so he has a…


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What are we teaching

Watching evening TV for the first time in a long while, I was struck by the plethora of junk food adds and the number of diet plans, diet companies & prepackaged, home delivered food outlets that grace our screens. All purporting to be convenient, healthy, cost effective and life changing. As a society we have never been more educated or had greater access to information pertaining to our health and well being, yet everyday we see parents taking kids of all ages…


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Train With Eric

The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limits

“this is by far one of the best training books of the past decade.” - Competitor Magazine

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