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2015 Melbourne Marathon Race Report

A cool and cloudy  morning greeted us on Sunday the 18th of October, just perfect for running and though my preparation had been interrupted due to work travel and a virus, I felt excited for what lay ahead. 

I woke at 4.00am dressing and eating a breakfast of muffin with honey, a banana and black tea. Up alone with my thoughts and the silence I started to get nervous with a…


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Steve Prefontaine's Diet

I found this online and thought many of you may be interested in this as was I, again it seems to me that this is another example of basic, good nutrition being the key to our fueling needs.

Steve Prefontaine's Diet…


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Zone 2 Run In Heart Rates 5-6

Yesterday evening as the sun was low I ran on Cable Beach just a stones throw away from where we are staying here in the tropics of Broome N.Western Australia. I ran for 45min covering 7.2km with an average H.R. of 157bpm.

When I headed out in the airconditioning of our room my HR was between 68-71 but as soon as I stepped out up to 127 it jumped within in minutes as I walked through the grounds of the resort to start my run at the roadway adjacent to reception. At the time of my run,… Continue

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WHY WE RUN by Bernd Heinrich

Right off the bat I have to say that I disagree with Eric and Rich's assessment of this book. They wrote here that they both found it "hard to get into and as a result did not like it very much". I on the other hand found it to be engrossing, engaging and a very enjoyable to read.…


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Thank You All For This Journey

A year ago today I joined the conversation, joined the Cool Impossible family that has crystallised & distilled my path & journey towards my own Cool Impossible. This wonderful place of support & ideas where genuine people give of themselves to support & help you achieve your own Cool Impossible what ever it maybe. The willingness of everyone to share their collective wisdom & journey is both staggering & beautiful where no matter your ability or knowledge you are an… Continue

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BEN ON FOOT by Ben Brewer

Hi everyone

A few days ago I finished reading Bens book, "Ben On Foot" and I wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed reading it. The book flows, is easy to read and draws the reader in so that the reader is able to experience and be a part of Ben's journey. You, well I was any way, with him in my minds eye every step of the way, seeing what he saw and felt through his words. He lays out in front of you the genisis of his idea to run 130 miles, his doubts, fears, joys, elations…


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Race Report-2014 Melbourne Marathon, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Finish Line

Yesturday while competing in the Melbourne Marathon one could say I had both the worst of days and the best of days but I will choose the best of days. But let me start at the begining.

We arrived at the MCG, (Melbourne Cricket Ground) where the start and finish would be, placing our dry clothing bag in the bagging area by 6.15am and walked to the starting area which is about 10 minutes walk. It was about 10 Deg C for the start so though it was crisp it was not so cold you were…


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You Will Never Know If You Don't Go

Hi everyone, I thought I'd share this as it underlines everything Eric tries to teach us about embracing the unknown.

I've been getting sore feet and ankles for the past few weeks, nothing I havn't been able to cope with but all the same my left foot in particular has been giving me some grief. I think it's because I've transitioned out of my orthotics altogether while I'm running, I haven't been wearing them at all no matter what the run might be. 

Last Sunday 22km into a 30km…


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Progressing Slowly

Three - four weeks ago I  bought a new pair of NB 1090-V4 which have an 8mm drop and ever since then I have been running without any orthotics at all. Before then, I have for some time, not used orthotics in my day to day shoes but in my runners which were NB 1080-V3, I was still wearing them.

Since early April when I received my B2R Trail shoes I have been slowly transitioning into them while still using the NB 1080 with my orthotics. Most weeks I run at…


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Proud Parents On An Amazing day

The weekend just past saw my 10 year old son Jason compete in his first fun run. It was a 3km run as part of the Run Melbourne festival with my wife also running the 10km the next day. The kids event is a family event where parents and guardians can run with the kids. There were kids of all ages being pushed, carried, walking and running, it was fantastic to see such fun being had around a healthy activity. The only danger was being accidently tripped by parents stopping abruptly or walking…


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Running In The Sunshine State

I am again on the Road with work & will be until about the end of November. I'll be away for 10 days then home again for 2 weeks before going away again as I complete a maintenance project for Kmart at all their stores in Queensland Australia.

The work will take me all over the state from the Gold Coast where we are now to Cairns  which is 1,900km North and across to Mt. Isa in the West some 1,300 km from Cairns. This trip gives me the opportunity to run in some amazing places,…


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I Know I've Joined Club, Just Don't Know The Name

Today I ran from our cabin to the carpark at lake St. Clair a distance of 12.5Km's. It is up hill the whole way to the turn around at Lake St. Clair and down hill back to the cabin. I ran it in 1:08.03 some 7:30' quicker than when I last ran this 2 years ago.

The run is all on bitumen road withe enough verg to get out of the way of any on coming traffic of which there was very little. This run was fantastic for another reason too and I think I've joined a club, but I'm not sure of the name… Continue

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In Use For The Longest Time So Far But Less Time Taken

Yesterday I completed day 6, Week 3, of Phase 2 of the Strategic Running Foundation and as part of this session I completed an 18 km trail run, well 16 on the trail, 2 on a concrete footpath that is jam packed with steep inclines and declines, off camber sections, and long up hill sections. It's an out and back run so it's 9km out and 9km back along the same track and for me every time I run it I know I've had a run by the time I finish. I first did the 16km trail run 18 months ago…


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A Great Problem To Have But Have I Upset The Apple Cart!

Today was day 2, week1, of Phase 2 and I headed over to the recreation park in Healsville where I completed my 2, mile tests the first before I started the Strategic Running Foundation and again last week. After doing the warm up I completed 4 X 3' in SPZ.6, the first rep was right on the money I did'nt feel laboured just concentrated on form and breathing. The second and third reps required a greater level of focus particularly in the last 30…


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20 Minute Run Test

For those that are interested; I again performed the 20 minute run test on Friday night at the same place as I performed my initial 20 minute test 11 weeks ago but this time in the dark. By the time I had returned home from work, changed and headed out it was all but dark. I drove to the local oval, a different one to where I did the Mile test, put the light on my head and started my warm up as per the Strategic Running Program.

By the time I had completed the warm up it was dark and…


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11 Weeks = 43 Seconds

Yesturday I again completed the mile test which is completed as part of Phase 1, Week 12 and I shaved 43 seconds from my initial test completed before I began the Strategic Running Foundation as outlined in TCI.

I ran my initial mile test 11 weeks ago in 7.57 (rounded down to 7.55 for the speed zone calculations) with me running 7.14 this time that I will round up to 7.15 so I can adjust my speed zones accordingly.

My average HR for the test fell 10 BPM from 169 to 159 and my…


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I rediscovered this about an hour ago and thought you all might like this. I think it's wonderful and hope you do too.


Wish I could...



I am hereby officially tendering

my resignation as an adult. I have

decided I would like to accept the

responsibilities of an 8 year-old again.

I want to go to McDonald's and think

that it's a four star restaurant.…


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Some Very Sad News

Late this afternoon Tommy Hafey lost his short battle with a second brain tumor and has died at 83. It is a shock to all as everyone believed this man would live forever given his healthy life style, positive outlook and his incredable fitness regime. His catch cry when anyone…


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Introducing Tommy Hafey

Let me introduce you to Mr. Tommy Hafey, here in Australia he's a living legend for many reasons. 50 years ago he was a professional footballer, playing Australian Rules Football (AFL) in an era when the rules, though basically the same as today, could be manipulated far more easily given the grounds were not flooded with TV camera's. There also was no video review, only one…


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Phase 1, Week 6


On Thursday my family and I flew to Adelaide, spending Easter with my sister's and their families and as always the first thing I packed was my running gear. The weather in Adelaide was fantastic, warm and sunny, so it was great to be outside let alone be outside and running on such beautiful days.

On the Thursday before Easter and Good Friday I completed day's 4 and 5 of Phase 1, Week 6 on grass at a…


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