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recipe for long run energy!!

Got this recipe from a runner friend who got it from a blog or post somewhere, but they are awesome!

1 cup rolled oats

1/2cup roasted pumpkin seeds

zest of one orange (as much to your taste)

1 tsp vanilla extract

12 pitted dates

1 cup dried coconut

1/4 cup of water

1cup dried coconut

Add ingredients except water and coconut to food processor and process for about a minute until crumbly. Add enough water to make sticky. Roll into… Continue

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I should be working....

Came to work early to finish charts, review labs and x-rays....maybe after another cup of coffee. As you can see by my previous blog post I am somewhat excited about 2013. Why not?! 2012 was amazing. I learned more than I ever thought I would. Functionally, with Eric's coaching I've become stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever. I've learned how to listen to what my body/running is telling me and I'm SLOWLY learning how to respond accordingly. Running for me has become about learning and… Continue

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So....What's everyone's 2013 plans??

curious to see what everyone is up to this new year! Any big goals?

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aaand more Turkey Mt...Yes I actually did run.. some.


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more of today's turkey mountain pics


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Turkey Mountain trail run

11 miles on Turkey Mountain in Tulsa. Progression of pics below will welcome you to my local world of trail running.  After the past couple of weeks I was looking forward to today. I decided I would try not to pay attention to my watch or how fast I could go. I decided I would feel it out.  It wasn't easy. "I want to look at my watch" I would think as I ran, "I want to push the pace" I thought, I "want to see how fast I can go" I thought.  I thought I "wanted" it. Those thoughts were just…


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15 seconds?

Struggling a bit with my running these past 2-3 weeks. Back to back illnesses haven't helped. Theses past few runs, a little fear has crept in. "what if if the energy and desire don't come back?".  When I tried visualization, figuring out where i am and what makes me feel best, i started visualizing how it feels when running trails in the cold, feeling fast and strong, breathing hard but not struggling, just floating/flying over rocks and roots and leaves on…


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Smashed female course record today...Wooo Hoooooo!!

Turkey n Taturs 7th annual trail runs today.  I signed up for the 10k, not really sure how I would do.  I had a rough go at Pumpkin Holler 2 weeks ago and a good Tulsa Run last week.  Coming into this trail run I was still trying to shake off how terrible I felt that whole 15k at Pumpkin, and how I felt about my performance. Felt a little pressure knowing I had a week of rest, had good energy, all systems go for a good race today....so if I did poorly I had nothing to blame a poor…


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Tulsa Run

Was nervous going into this one. Had a tough race the week before. I did a 25k at Pumpkin Holler. I had done the 100 mile race there last year and came in first female. A lot of people were wondering why I was "only" doing the 25k.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to win this one.  I felt like it was expected and I knew I would be disappointed if I didn't win, even though I told myself I wouldn't.  Well I came in 4th female, not shabby, but not near first. Not to mention I felt tired and…


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First nighttime trail run....by choice!

Decided to spice things up a bit and go for my trail run pre-dawn.  Spent 5 miles in complete darkness on Turkey Mt trails near Tulsa, Ok. Mild-mod technical single track trail just outside of town.  It was strange. No fear of the darkness and critters (normally I have a huge problem with this!), just fear of falling....which i did only once!  My husband was out there too, though after the first quarter mile I didn't seem him for another 2 hours. Only a possum who was as freaked out by me as…


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Was that the same Ouachita Trail?

May 13, 2012 I stood at the base of the mountain, just past the slippery rocky stream bed, about a half mile into what seemed like a vast, foggy rain forest right out of South America....This is in SE Oklahoma mind you...I have a vivid imagination! It WAS raining and it IS a thick forrest. I couldn't see with my glasses on or off.  It was to be my first really long really rugged trail run- 4 hours.  2 hours out and back...by myself.  I was signed up to do Leadville in a few months and had…


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Keepin' it Wild!!

What a fun trail run! 13.1 miles of rugged hilly single track trail on Tulsa's Turkey Mountain-no it's not a real mountain.  Lots of up, down, twists and turns.  The pic is of the Powerline section. Reminicent of a mini Leadvillle "Powerline"....well....minus the altitude, the cold, the dark, the endless climbing and false summits! My goal was to keep my heart rate in a higher zone than I'm used too.  I was afraid I couldn't hold that HR zone for that long.  I got behind a little 12 year old…


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Rainy day....but no blues

Long run in the warm mod-heavy rain was just what this runner girl needed this morning.  It didn't just rain a little, it rained a lot.  For an hour and a half continuous, but it felt wonderful. Wrapped in warmth, splashing puddles like a child was just what my soul needed today.  This has been a rough week emotionally and no time to sit down and cry like I wanted to.  It was like God was cleansing my soul, saying, "It's ok, I know right where you're at and exactly how you feel and what you…


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1 mike test

This 39 y/o diabetic, full time + overtime working mother of 3 just ran a 6:02 mile! You know why she ran a 6:02 mi?! Cuz she couldn't have run a 6:01! THANK YOU ERIC!! Two years ago I couldn't have broken 8 min.

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What I learned at Leadville

Starting to sort out some of the things I learned at Leadville. One thing I learned...when you think you're done, you're not. I learned there really is, I believe, a well inside each of us that doesn't dry up. We, or I guess i should say I was afraid that I would dig deep and come up empty handed. What if there was nothing there to draw from. That fear has caused me at times to avoid pushing myself to the point where I might need to draw upon that well. What would happen if I came up empty… Continue

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What's next guys?

Ok, so I'm starting to come back to life after Leadville.  Struggled with some pretty significant fatigue and nausea this week, but starting to perk up again and wondering what's next?  Any suggestions for my goal for 2013?

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Lori's Leadville 100 mi experience

Wow, what a day!  I am humbled and honored. I gave this race all of me, everything I had at every moment, and these Colorado mountains gave me so much more, including granting me the reward of finishing this race. Over 800 people picked…


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I've always been fighting.  Fighting for something, fighting against something, fighting through something.  That's where I thought I drew strength. It was empowering--when it was successful.  But either way it was/is fatiguing.  And when I couldn't fight through I felt a sense of failure and frustration/disappointment.  I applied thos to running as well of course! I'm finally starting to understand how to let things come to me.  How to accept, incorporate and use it.  having young kids I get… Continue

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Streets of Leasville

Ran the streets of Leadville today....and running never felt so good.

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The otter?!

So my conversation with coach Eric began with me e-mailing him teasing about my "tapering" before Leadville.  Tapering is tough.  It's a week before my big race, we have cut my running waaaay down, and I am forced to delve more into the mental aspect of this race, not that my brain hasn't been going through it's own training over the past year, but my mind is getting honed right now. The rate at which I am processing the mental aspects of running Leadville is dizzying, frustrating,…


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