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A New Year

It's been a rewarding year. This weekend I'll wrap up my 12 week strength plan. This on the heels of a 6 week strength plan. The fact that my knees were able to handle 35+ weekly miles without a single complaint is a testament to sticking to the plans. I used 2011 to patiently rebuild my form. Not only have the knee problems abated, my body even looks different. Unexpected bonus but I'll take it. Thank you Eric for helping me get through this. 

If 2011 was my transition year,…


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Couple of questions

Hi Eric,

I'm into my 2nd week of your 6 week progamme, and it's brilliant -I love the variety, the structure, and learning a new form.  2 questions. The "running on hot coals" and the bare foot sessions, really help with forefoot strike... but when will my calves stop hurting? And I see what you're saying about the importance of high cadence, even at low speeds, but what changes when I want to go faster? I can't increase the cadence, I can't lengthen the stride... so what do I…


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Sri Chinmoy 6 day race 2011

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Want To Run a 100 Mile Ultra?

Better yet – want to train with Eric Orton to finish that 100-mile run? Then we’re looking for you!

Team Impossible Productions is developing an online series and…


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Found my running "calling"

With the completion of my first trail race this past Saturday, I have found my running "calling".  I did the Tashka 25K near Tuscaloosa, Al, and loved every minute of it!  They also offer a 50K and I think I see one in my future!  I felt strong throughout the race thanks to Eric's run drills and technique.  Since starting the program, I have become much stronger and look for great thing to come in the future.

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My Five Year Old's First 5K/A Running Family

Several months ago I posted about whether my nine year old was ready to run.  I'm proud to say she completed her first timed 5K in September.

I'm also very proud to say my five year old completed his first 5K at Thanksgiving.  Did he run without stopping?  Nope.  Has he mastered his running form?  Nope.  And it doesn't matter at all. Man, he ran.  Ran the whole thing and worked really hard.  He was unstoppable.  Actually I did insist that we walk 25 yards in the middle and we…


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For the Love of Running

I was naughty today! I ditched the scheduled run and went wild. I went on a run like I did in the old days, the days before I began running with Eric. The only exception being that the “Franken” runner form that used to accompany me into the mountains, beating relentlessly on my knees, has vanished…


I ran today simply for the love of running. No direction, no plan, no Garmin wonder gadget, nothing but the freedom of setting off into the falling snow on a vacant road that…


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