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15 seconds?

Struggling a bit with my running these past 2-3 weeks. Back to back illnesses haven't helped. Theses past few runs, a little fear has crept in. "what if if the energy and desire don't come back?".  When I tried visualization, figuring out where i am and what makes me feel best, i started visualizing how it feels when running trails in the cold, feeling fast and strong, breathing hard but not struggling, just floating/flying over rocks and roots and leaves on…


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Adventure Running For Winter


Adventure Running For Winter 

Winter starts early here in The Tetons with skiers charging the backcountry by mid November.  Dry trails are replaced with 2,000 vertical boot pack accents demanding you earn the fresh powder that the early morning offers up.  Skiing out of bounds, carving first tracks, and making your own way down through the trees and the unknown, all for the chance of something epic, that one day that you will always remember.  The chance to…


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Week 34

To get the negative stuff out the way in the first line, I can't do either of the two races I was signed up for this month and I'm gutted. A miscommunication with my friend about transport for one and a trip to see my brother on the weekend of the other has left me at a bit of a loose end.

But, onwards and upwards - I've been doing a lot of good running over the last couple of weeks. At this time of year, running after work means running in the dark; luckily, there are a lot…


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Shaving legs or not?

Hi guys!
What do you think about shaved legs for running?

Benefits? feelings?

I see that a lot of trail runner have shaved legs.

If you do it, share your tips please. :)
I may give it a try soon.

Have a nice week everyone!

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A week from friday I will be running the R2R2R.  There will be 5 of us heading to the Grand Canyon to run what most of us consider a" bucket list" run.  For me this will be the longest distance that I have run, around 45 miles.  I have been hitting the trails hard these last few months and have been lucky to have Eric on many of them.  Coming from a triathlon background I am used to faster training runs.  Eric has really helped change my mental approach to slowing things down on trails.  We…


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I'm a Physical Therapists Nightmare!

Three months...for three months I couldn't run. I felt like I was in prison. I didn't know it at the time but I had a torn soleus calf muscle and some other weird strain I'd never hear of. 

I gave my doctors holy hell and my physical therapist too. I whined like a baby to anyone who'd listen to my woes.

I'd show up for physical therapy and they'd ask me "How do you feel?", and I'd reply with "I just tried to run and it hurt so bad I had to stop". Good god if you only heard…


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Performance Running: Foot Strike and Knee Drive


Some runners argue they don’t need to work on form. They have all kinds of reasons: I’m not serious enough to need to learn; nobody taught me how to run in the first place; I’ve been running fine for years; my body runs as it should. I understand. But why not challenge yourself; see how good it can feel to…


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Week 32

Righto guys, this one's a short one! Since last Sunday's race, I've put in a couple of good long runs and felt really good - I think I've definitely kept the momentum up.

Over the last few weeks, I've switched my tactics in the gym and been working more on strength, rather than endurance (single sets to failure all over) and it seems to have been making a real difference - I've been reading some material stressing the importance of strength and short-distance training for longer distance… Continue

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Smashed female course record today...Wooo Hoooooo!!

Turkey n Taturs 7th annual trail runs today.  I signed up for the 10k, not really sure how I would do.  I had a rough go at Pumpkin Holler 2 weeks ago and a good Tulsa Run last week.  Coming into this trail run I was still trying to shake off how terrible I felt that whole 15k at Pumpkin, and how I felt about my performance. Felt a little pressure knowing I had a week of rest, had good energy, all systems go for a good race if I did poorly I had nothing to blame a poor…


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