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Week 130 - Ben on Foot release!

Ok, so if you'll forgive me, this is the pretty much obligatory post to let you all know that my book, Ben on Foot, is out now! For you guys who pre-ordered the limited edition first print, they're on their way :)

It's about how I went from a complete non-runner, to running ultra distances in about a year, culminating in my showdown with a self-planned 130-mile jaunt across south-west England. It's not a training guide, more of a personal account with a few lessons sprinkled…


Added by Ben Brewer on September 29, 2014 at 6:02am — 3 Comments

You Will Never Know If You Don't Go

Hi everyone, I thought I'd share this as it underlines everything Eric tries to teach us about embracing the unknown.

I've been getting sore feet and ankles for the past few weeks, nothing I havn't been able to cope with but all the same my left foot in particular has been giving me some grief. I think it's because I've transitioned out of my orthotics altogether while I'm running, I haven't been wearing them at all no matter what the run might be. 

Last Sunday 22km into a 30km…


Added by Robert Burpee on September 20, 2014 at 9:59pm — 3 Comments

Madagascar Stage Race Report 2014

I boarded a plane on Tuesday August 26th to travel across the world to race for 7 days in Madagascar.  It took 2 days to get there.  Over 25 hours sitting on planes!!!  Once I arrived I began to meet and bond with other racers.  Traveling in a developing country adds to the challenge.  Transportation, food, language .... are very different in Madagascar.  There is no organization, it is basically a free for all.  Many racers had to pay a bribe to get their race gear on the plane.…


Added by Margot W on September 15, 2014 at 9:50am — 3 Comments

TCI - Week 1 Phase 1 done

Week 1 Phase 1


Yesterday I did the long run concluding week 1 of my TCI-journey. Quite fun to follow a specific and professional training plan for the first time of my life. Since I did a short 9,3 km trail-race on wednesday (finished 9th out of 60!) I had to alter this weeks program a little. Had an average bpm of 191 during the race, and legs felt heavy the next 3 days. Therefor I spent a total of 9 days to complete week 1,…


Added by Eivind Hegnar on September 15, 2014 at 1:26am — No Comments

The Rut 50k Race Report

as usual, it is 3:30 am post race and after several hours of trying to sleep I have given up. Small fits of sleep interrupted by dreams of rocks, roots, amazing views, the sudden catch of a toe and the sense of falling, then jerking wide awake. These post race dreams used to frighten and frustrate me, now they simply cause a sigh and sometimes a giggle reminding me of the crazy adventure I just laid out. I saw views from places that most never dare venture, and even fewer do on…


Added by Lori Enlow on September 14, 2014 at 5:30pm — 4 Comments

Getting passed by turtles.

I'm a big'un. 6 foot, 270#. (Yeah, I'm seriously built for this). I've always been athletic. I was the catcher for my baseball teams and offensive guard and defensive tackle on my football teams. I could get up a head of steam and clobber somebody into next week as long as it was within twenty or thirty yards of where I launched from. At 46, I can still swim for miles and usually only leave the water because I'm out of time, not out of breath/energy. What I have never been able to do is run. If… Continue

Added by Allen Rothery on September 14, 2014 at 7:56am — 11 Comments

A little Rez runnin'....

I got the opportunity to visit Tuba City, Arizona this week. Met some wonderful folks at the Tuba City Hospital. Tuba city is on the Navajo reservation, about 70 miles northeast of Flagstaff. After visiting the hospital, I drove around town, trying to plot out the next morning's run. Not much to the town, but more than many rez towns I have been to. I…


Added by Lori Enlow on September 6, 2014 at 5:01pm — 3 Comments

Two weeks into transition - and I have the sore calves to prove it!

Well, after a couple of days off in agony following my total failure to read TCI properly (see previous blog) I have now completed the first two weeks of my transition to performance running.

Incoming mail 1

The small wooden…


Added by Richard Buckley on September 3, 2014 at 2:55pm — 3 Comments

My 'Cool Impossible' journey towards Transgrancanaria 2015 - Pt. 0

Preliminary tests:

5 km:

Max bpm: 200

Avr. bpm: 190

1 mile:

Time: 5:51

My Movescount


1 year ago, on the 7th of September 2013 I ran my first ultramarathon here in Denmark. It was "only" 54 km long, and with a positive altitude gain of…


Added by Eivind Hegnar on September 3, 2014 at 5:30am — 2 Comments

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