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I'm in Bernalillo, New Mexico, about forty miles from Santa Fe. I should have something in the neighborhood of three weeks left on what is now a very long hike, which will most certainly turn back into a run the closer I get to Texas and support.

Click here for a video update via youtube.

I've appreciated all of the well wishes from you folks more than you know, and I sort of feel like an ass for not… Continue

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Pain free running

I was telling my running story to my brother Bill and he recommended that I post it to Eric's website. It was not until after reading 'born to run' that I finally, after 12 years of calf pain, can run injury free. My calves, as some of you may have experienced, did not enjoy running. It sometimes took two or three days for them to recover. After shortening my stride, focusing on a mid-foot strike, pulling back on my extention, and raising my knees, I am now running hard and long anytime I want… Continue

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$500.00 - What have you found during a run???

I knew this title would get everyone's attention. This title is what I found on a run yesterday morning.

I had already run 11 miles, and I met up with our little running group at 6:00am and I was going to run 14 miles with a girl who's training for a marathon. We were running in the emergency lane along a highway, and between mile 8 and mile 9, I looked down and saw a roll of something. I leaned over and picked it up. I thought it was some play money. It was rolled up with a… Continue

Added by Thomas Orf on September 20, 2009 at 12:57pm — 7 Comments

Training Done!!! Taper, Here I Come!!! Eric, I need A Race Strategy

First let me say, the that I don't consider the couple taper weeks as training, which is why I named the blog what it is. I realize the taper weeks are just as important, but they are so much easier and when you get to them, the running is so much less and so insignificant to the months that you've been through.

I have just completed Erics 24 week 100 mile training plan. To end the training, I had a 20 miler on Friday, then a 30 miler on Saturday. The next two weeks are my taper and… Continue

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I just posted a note on my Facebook page about this beautiful thing that I saw this morning when I was running and then I thought perhaps it should be shared with other runners.

I live in Houston and do my long runs at Memorial Park. This morning I saw a man who was about in his early sixties or late fifties. He was running with a younger guy who looked to be in his thirties. The younger guy was obviously blind and had his arm wrapped inside the older man's arm who seemed to be guiding… Continue

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First race...

50k this Saturday!
Any last minute advice, wisdom or encouragment is appreciated!
No time prediction - I will be happy to cross the line and not make any of the volunteers late for dinner1

Added by eric p mccarty on September 17, 2009 at 4:24am — 9 Comments

My Long Running Weekend

This is a report of my weekend of running. I don't share this in any way to brag about myself. I'm only sharing it so it can be proof that Eric knows what he's doing, and that it might encourage someone else to do something more than they ever thought was possible.

Last year, I was just a person who had only been running for a year after smoking for 17 years. I finished a marathon and felt like I wanted more. I then found out there's people out there called ultrarunners. An… Continue

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