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Quotes from 2013 Leadville Marathon..

"If you’ve never ran through a skree field at 13,000 feet let me describe it for you…place duct-tape over your mouth and stuff cotton up one of your nostrils…then sprint down the worst dirt road you can find for a few hours" -Dalton Wilson

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My B2R Road shoe review

Hi, before I get into the review I think it's important to talk about myself. I've been running off and on for about 8 years. I've been "performance running" for 3 years. A huge,huge thanks to Eric for showing those videos on how to forefoot strike. The main reason I run because it keeps me in shape and forces me to eat better. I'm currently running 30+ miles/week. I only race 1 to 2 races a year. And I'm currently training for my first 50k trail race.

Now I'm going to review the… Continue

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Impossible Week Three - Slacker Battle

In week one I had to battle the air quality from the forest fire, week two brought on the challenge of my heart rate vs the Las Vegas summer heat, this week a new challenger arose - my inner slacker. I had to force myself to get out running and to do the upper and lower body circuits. Of course, once I got started I was glad I did, but the time leading up to it all the usual excuses came up - I was tired from work, worn down from wrangling the kids, it's too early, it's too late, it's too…


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pieces of art

Running is my artistic outlet. I can create the most amazing pieces. Filled with passion and joy, frustration, peace....emotions so vivid and all consuming at times, and at times wild and incredible and wonderful. I can create and it just flows. This evening was full of reds and oranges and a little purple.  not only was the sky and the hues around me this color, but the hues within me and my effort and emotion. Strong and willful. A little defiant. Passionate. ....and when all said and done…


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At Last

I started running after my retirement in Sept 2011. I had been a Family Physician in Canada and the US for 40 years. I was in poor physical condition and I needed 6 months to feel comfortable in the gym. Last summer, I started training to run my first 5K. Eventually, I ran 3 of them . However in January 2013 I stared with left knee pain. This was felt along the medial and inferior aspects of the patella. I went to PT for 8 weeks with very little improvement. I picked up the "The Cool…


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Tough Mudder and B2R Trail Shoes!!!

This weekend I will test out the B2R Trail Shoes on the Tough Mudder Course...10-12 miles full of obstacles and mud!  Should be a great test for these shoes....the trail shoes are rugged yet light with good grip on the bottom...I am anticipating the performance to be top notch...


stay tuned...I will report back after the race...Thanks to E for letting me test these prototype Bad Boys!

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Things are coming along nicely...

After finally getting to a continuous 5k things are now moving along nicely and gradually increasing mileage, with the introduction of hill sprints coming up in the next week.

I have just had an amazing two weeks holiday near to St David’s in Pembrokeshire and my training runs along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path onto St David’s head were just awesome even if really hot. The best one was the five miler where the mist had drifted off the sea onto the path obscuring visibility on St…


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Impossible Week Two - Be Still My Heart

All right! Week two is in the bag, and no smoke or ash was in the air. I'm finding that one of the most challenging aspect of the program so far is keeping my heart rate down. Trying to stay in my heart rate zone 2 while still running can be a challenge. I know part of this is my conditioning (or lack thereof) but I also can blame the heat here in Las Vegas. I was able to go farther and faster on my long run in week 2 while staying in HRZ 2 compared to the previous week. Most of that is…


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Leadville training day 3....a true adventure....

Leadville training day 3...a true adventureTuesday's agenda was to run from the base of sugarloaf pass to twin lakes...27 miles. This was the monster I created in my mind. This was the hardest section for me last year.  Each direction.  Leadville race is 50 miles out and back.  Where we would start would be around mile 15 from the start. After my near implosion on Monday and flurry of emails to coach..we decided a phone call was in order.  I couldnt seem to change my…


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Leadville training day 4

Late night last night, but ate smart and stuffed myself with fish, potatoes and green beans knowing today would not be easy. Yesterday's success, even with the altered course, was a huge confidence booster. Woke up with nausea, forced down a blueberry muffin and water and we were off to ascend hope pass again this morning. 11ish miles round trip. Legs heavy. Worried about being able to pick up new kicks over rocks and roots coming down. The confidence I had from yesterday's…


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Leadville training day 2...the day Lori almost imploded

Driving in the car, post run headed for food or something, I don't quite remember what...Here it comes..I'm emailing my coach back and forth, talking to my pacer, completely physically and mentally exhausted. Wanting to cry, but not feeling like I can...wanting Calgon to "take me away", an alien to abduct me from the next  few days of running, or Scotty to "beam me up". I was going to implode because I knew no one was going to rescue me. I knew my exhaustion was my own damn fault.



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Leadville training runs day 1

Headed to Leadville on Saturday to start 4 days of training for the upcoming Leadville 100 trail run. Figured I'd blog each day out.

Agenda for Sunday was 20 miles of trail heading out from Twin lakes toward Half Pipe Aid stations. 3000 ft of gain. Started out feeling pretty good. Hiked the first 2 mile climb out. Pretty short of breath going up. Descending felt great. We missed the turn we were supposed to take and descended another half mile before realizing our error. Back up the…


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Week 68.5

Things are getting pretty busy and focused at the minute, since I'm within the final five week countdown to my Cool Impossible; my 130-miler from my home in Barnstaple to Bristol. I wanted to post something up to keep anyone who's reading my posts updated, especially since from here on in, I'll probably not be posting too much until after the big day.

Since I ran the 44 miles of my last post back in May, I've been managing to keep up a pretty consistent amount of running and…


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Impossible Week One

I've been running on my own without much direction for the last several years. I haven't made much progress, and honestly had no real reason to. However I recently did a Ragnar with a group of friends. It was fun, but I saw that I had room for a lot of improvement. So after reading The Cool Impossible I was very excited to get started. I did the test phase, and then the following week strapped on my heart rate monitor and went outside to discover that there was a massive forest fire just…


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While attempting a 20-miler this past Sunday my right foot started REALLY hurting after 9 miles. I had felt great so far, and was puzzled by the sudden pain. But this was the kind of pain I knew I shouldn't try to "run through". After reading up on the kind of pain and the location, I've come to find that I probably have a fracture of my 3rd metatarsal. I icing and resting, anxious to know when I can get back out there. I certainly don't want to push things too quickly and re-injury. But…


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How to Train for a New Kind of Race

School is finally over and that means I suddenly have time not only to train in earnest, but blog about it too! I've been a bit "meh" about the races I have coming up, because they are all ones I've done before. Lot's of local 5k's and they are all pretty much road races as that's really what's popular in this area. In talking to my uncles (all former marathoners) at a party this weekend a new race was brought to my attention - the Monster Marathon. It's exactly the kind of race I want to…


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And then there was Sunday....

After my 5 hour, 26 mile waaaambulance ride Saturday I returned to the hotel room pretty seriously defeated feeling.  The plan was to stay the weekend and run Turkey Mt again Sunday. I think I mentioned I'd rather eat a box of rocks than spend another hour in Turkey Mt... I decided I'd head back home and venture out early, the other direction to Hobbs State Park trails in Arkansas. My feet killed me all day saturday, felt like someone had taken a hammer to them. I was seriously dreading…


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Help! ....I need a waaaaaambulance!

Ok, so I really do have runs/races where I really just nail it and they go just as planned. Runs where I think I might just be pure awesomeness..well...not quite ;). But those aren't nearly as interesting, no do they teach me nearly as much, nor do they occur as frequently. 

This weekend running agenda was for 5 hr trail run today and 3 hr trail run tomorrow.  Closest trails for me are an hour and change away. Since I had a double header, we opted to come spend the night in Tulsa,…


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Is Running Always Pure Joy? Maybe!

Reading Eric's recent post on this subject, I am reminded that my runs "are not what they used to be" and I was wondering if The Cool Impossible can help me.

A few facts first: I've been running regularly for about 15 years. The most I've ever run is 10 km and just for the joy of it.  Most of the time, I run around 5 km, 3 or 4 times a week [alternate days].  As I am approaching my 75th birthday and just bought "The Cool Impossible", I would really like to do more, more efficiently…


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Progress so far

Think it was fair to say that after achieving my sub 1:30 half marathon in April, my motivation and training had flat lined, I wanted to push on to 1:25, but it just wasn't coming. I'd picked up and put down many training books over the years and dismissed them all. Then Eric started tweeting about his new book, and i was intrigued. Took the bold step of ordering it on line having not even flicked through it in a book shop, so glad I did I was hooked from the first page :-)

So far,…


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