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There are pictures that go with this blog, but for some reason they aren't showing up. You can view them on my website http://tao-fit.com/self-treatment-for-plantar-fasciitis.

Jesse James Retherford


Over the past week, I have seen a “mini-epidemic” — two new clients and email correspondence with a third — of a common but painful foot injury, plantal fasciitis. Living in Austin, with such an active outdoors culture, plantar… Continue

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It is estimated that over 116 million Americans suffer from debilitating chronic pain each year, of which low back pain is the most common. According to The American Academy of Pain Medicine, “Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old.  More than 26 million Americans between the ages of 20-64 experience frequent back pain.” There is a proven and effective way to treat most forms of chronic pain… Continue

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Running With the Spirit of Dog

The Destructo Puppy was running free again this morning. I found her tormenting the elderly corgi from the other side of the fence with her freedom. Realizing that it was the second time that she escaped this morning alone (never mind the previous days before that), there seemed to be only one thing to do with all of that excess energy, so I grabbed a leash and away we went (much to the corgi's relief). Along the way, I taught her how to drink from an opened water bottle because it was…


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Restarting after sickness

I have been training hard all winter and spring and the early part of the summer. In mid June I got a bronchial infection that totally knocked me down. I'm just now starting to blow a "700" on the meter the doctor gave me. When I was sick I was blowing about a 300. But now I'm wondering what I do. I have been training on the  12 week Trail Half Marathon program and was about halfway through. I'm not even sure how to figure out where to go back to. I'm not running strong at all and anything I do… Continue

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Which plan should I use? I have Plantar fasciitis, tight ham strings and have not run in good while.

I have not run in a good while. At this time, I have pantar fasciitis and very tight ham strings. Several years ago, I have run a marathon but I have not run in almost a year or longer. Also, I think I need to strengthen my ankles. Which plan should I use? At this time, I also need to start with new shoes. I actually have five fingers which I am not wearing right now because of plantar fasciitis. Any ideas on the shoes to start running?

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Run Form and Technique: Lifting the Knee/Leg

Earlier this Spring while traveling the country with Chris McDougall and Scott Jurek on the Born To Run Naked Tour, we made a stop in Asheville NC. We had a rare extra day to spend in Asheville so we enlisted local runner and CCUM winner, Will Harlan, to play tour guide for us on a trail run.


Chris had been experiencing some groin issues during the last week or so and during this run he had me look at his run stride and technique.  I noticed that he was getting "lazy" with his…


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