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Week 57

I'm now within a week of my first unofficial 'training' ultra and in the meantime I've become 'oh, you're him' to the other runners that I'm coming across. I think at this point, 'him' is a bit of a figure of gentle mickey-taking and disbelief rather than anything too esteemed just yet, but it's still a bit unnerving to go to a race and be greeted with 'are you the guy who's running to Bristol?' every five minutes.

While the …


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Possum Kingdom 55k..this painting's goin' on the fridge!

Started out just as dawn was breaking. I was way more nervous this morning than I thought I'd be. More nervous than I was before Boston.  I think because trail is where I really want to do well. Wrangling 3 kids this morning and not realizing just how far the Race was from the hotel led to us showing up just before the start. Gun fired and we were off. My goal was to keep it easy and increase my effort every 10 miles. I knew this would be a challenge for me and it was. Starting out I was not… Continue

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Possum Kingdom 55k

On the agenda Saturday....Possum Kingdom 55K! It's a brand new trail race NE of Dallas TX. It'll be my first warm weather run. Taking the whole stinkin' family...hubby, 3 kids, my dad, his wife and their beagle. This will encourage me to relax. Either that or I will be too exhausted to care about the race! Coming off Boston and preparing for priority races...uhh..Leadville 100, this is supposed to be a low priority (meaning don't RACE! race). That is the hard part for me. I am kinda full… Continue

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Week 56

Yeah, yeah, yeah, runner-for-more-than-a-year... What's next? :)

After my last post, I've run two half-marathon races and learned a few things (as always), but I still feel like I want to keep this post brief. Whereas last time's was a sort of retrospective where I didn't mind talking about what I'd been up to, this time around I feel like I'm definitely in more of a 'just want to be doing it' frame of mind. I think I know a reason for this, but I'll get to that in a…


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walk...don't run...

That was my workout for today. Recovering from marathon so no running today. So I walked my favorite lunchtime route...behind the hospital a dirt road...with the infamous 5-pack of dogs that tear after me every time....today included.  ....But I got their goofy mugs on camera!  ...just after I reminded them of my handful of rocks I always weild...just in case. Also met up with a much sweeter and friendlier dog that is new on this route. He's a pup-looks to be part if not all pit bull-a…


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A cool impossible...

He is not a runner, well...not yet anyway, but he has done something amazing and truely a cool impossible. 3 months ago he was admitted with a serious joint infection, new diagnosis of diabetes and an average blood sugar of well over 300.  Today we celebrated his new average blood sugar of 90.  That's in less than 90 days folks.  He reduced his cardiovascular risk by 300% by bringing his a1C from an 11+ down to 5.4.  I usually do jumping jacks when my patient's are able to edge their A1C…


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Well, Turns Out 13.1 Miles Will Teach You Something...

...about yourself, your training and your motivation for doing what you do. 

It will also teach you things about layering, socks and just how grateful you can be over a granola bar.

In a nutshell, the lessons I got that were loud and clear were:

1. I could have pushed harder (always true)

2. Cardio and stamina were not my limiting factors

3. 13.1 miles is just the beginning, I think

4. If I can do this while experimenting with a…


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Not really sure what to say. I guess I will just document this day if that is ok with you. After a fitful night of sleep, I got up at 5:30am. I choked down my snickers marathon bar...so sickeningly sweet and rich. I hate them, but I seem…


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The platform and The bar

Tomorrow I get to explore the space between the platform and the bar. I was afraid of that space 25 years ago. Now I can't wait to feel it.

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I've got this coach!!

I actuallly believe I can execute this plan. Regardless of the outcome, I am thrilled with the confidence I have, with the ability to visualize and REALLY feel it. I can SEE it. The first time I "saw it" was at Snake Run. I have that same feeling...that it's possible...not knowing whether or not I'll get "the prize"-the time goal I am shooting for, but certain about my plan and the possibility. It's gonna be a blast to paint this picture. 

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Boston...I'm ready! ...and look at those cool shoes!!!!!!

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The Cool Impossible Effect

Many people ask me what is "The Cool Impossible?" or "What does it mean?"

I like to say, "The Cool Impossible is a goal pursued by dreaming beyond fear and living beyond limits."  But ultimately, The Cool Impossible is an attitude, a philosophy, a mindset, and most important, the individual affect it has on someone.  And many times, this creates an outcome that is…


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Week 53.5

Holy cow, I've been a runner for more than a year.

Way back, I'd imagined that my 52-week blog post would have been a big event; a romantic retrospective of a year's progression from a complete novice to actually calling myself a capital-R 'Runner'. In my mind's eye, I'd write about all the lessons I've learned - all the recovery methods tried, all the nipples chafed, all the sunsets seen and distances covered... in reality, I've spent the ten weeks since my last…


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