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Could ONE muscle be the culprit to your IT Band issues?

I have executed well over a thousand one-on-one training sessions with runners of all abilites. Seeing good and bad, it has become very evident to me that the number one culprit in biomechanical and gait disfunction, IT band issues, knee pain, and over all lack of run stability is a poor firing glut meduis. This is your smaller glut muscle that is located to the side of your gluts. This is a very important muscle for runners because it helps your lateral stability when on one foot,… Continue

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It's All About the feet: An Extract from Born to Run

Well, I was planning to write a post today on the importance of foot strength for improved running performance and injury prevention. And then Chris sent me an extract from Born to Run. So, I will let his words speak for me - E

At Stanford University, California, two sales representatives from Nike were watching the athletics team practise. Part of their job was to gather feedback from the company's sponsored runners about which shoes they preferred.

Unfortunately, it was… Continue

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Running with the Tarahumara Indians - Part I

The Race Director, Caballo Blanco, called us the Dream Team! Most likely because of the unbelievable running talent all crammed into a 1960 school bus headed for the depths of the Copper Canyon. For me, Dream Team meant something else. I was living my dream of running and learning from the famed Tarahumara Indians. I have "tried" to study these runners for years, finding tidbits here and there, hearing stories about the '94 Leadville race. So when Chris McDougall asked if I would be interested… Continue

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Barefoot Recovery - Be like a Kenyan

Yesterday I received an email question from one of my new athletes. She is training for her first 50 miler at the Big Horn. Her question was about her slow pace on her easy days. Specifically, it went, "should I be running this slow?" My answer was a big fat YES! I explain to her that this slow pace had several purposes:

- to allow for adequate recovery between harder, key workout days

- to allow your weekly mileage to be higher and more consistent without added too much… Continue

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