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technical difficulties...

I like to pretend I am a type B personality...don't snort laugh...but really...yes...I know..I am a type A, or at least I revert very quickly to type A when stressed. Actually maybe even a type A+. This week is a harder running week. Higher volume, more intense speed work. Much of my training is heart rate based....enter technology and my subsequent decent into a psychotic fit about an hour in to my hour and a half run. Today's run? warm up, get into a zone range and stay there for about an… Continue

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bear chase...not beer chase

I had a longer speed interval to do today, 20 minute warm up then a pace I wasn't sure I could hold for a full 60 minutes. I've held that pace...barely...in a race scenerio.  I've held that pace for shorter distances on road..I've held faster paces on a nice flat soft track-shorte distances though.  So yesterday i spent much time pondering and plotting a course...of course trying to make it as flat as possible on road! Although Tahlequah is not particularly hilly, it is not particularly flat…


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Lost my mind

A little more than halfway serious and a little concerned for my own sanity, I mentioned "I'm almost 40 and I'm daydreaming about running in wild places, I think I've lost my mind". My friend responded, "You haven't lost your mind, you just outran it". I like that.

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Good day

You know I've had a fun day when I take a zillion pictures. Back at Ouachita Trail. Had a playful 3 hour jaunt. Maybe it's the Cherokee in me, but I feel such a connection to those Mountains and that trail. I do believe God gives the mountains spirits and I feel hers every time I'm out there...I'm weird, i know. No need to fill me in on that fact. Sometimes I don't like her much as she gently reminds me who'se bigger and who'se in charge, Who has the lessons to teach and who has the lessons to… Continue

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hard day's work

Today was speed intervals. Ouch. But gooood brain and body work! I was supposed to get into a high heart rate zone and maintain it for 3 sets of 10 minutes each. It is a heart rate zone I don't particularly like. It is that almost too hard place where you start to panic thinking you are going to fall apart if you go just 1 beat per minute higher for any longer and not sure you can stay there for the full interval. Well of course the first interval I felt panicky, able to maintain, but wondering… Continue

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Snuck in another daylight lunch run (normally weekday runs are 4:30am darkness). 50 degrees-NOT typical. Tank top and shorts, nice breeze, sun peeping through trees on white pasty arms and legs-blinded a few drivers I'm sure! Birds chirping. Even little bit of green grass. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Even the not-quite six pack of dogs seemed less interested in me playing on their farm-they only required on rock-launch instead of five.

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