Ultralight Roots Running Training Camp

This 4 day adventure run takes place in the beautiful Grand Staircase National Monument where we will traveling through spring fed canyons,

About this Event

The Ultralight Roots Runner Course embodies several philosophies of endurance-based adventure combining modern gear with Earth Skills training.

It’s geared towards the intermediate level to more advanced runner looking for adventure, coaching, Primitive Survival Skills, and tips for Multiday running.

This 4 day adventure run takes place in the beautiful Grand Staircase National Monument where we will traveling through spring fed canyons, creeks, slickrock canyons, and open high desert.

Ultralight overnight running gear and principals

By using minimalist gear we will be able to move lightly and efficiently as group. We will be covering the best gear tested and create a recommended kit from this. There is a great wealth of knowledge for those interested in multi day FKT’s or adventure runs.

Primitive Earth Survival Skills

Matt Graham will be the primary instructor leading participants through skills like friction fire starting, fishing, edible/medicinal plants, traps, shelters, and more. We will be preparing many wild food meals while on the trail.

Matt is a specialist in "primitive skills" and a television personality who co-hosted the Discovery Channel show Dual Survival.

Run Coaching

Born to Run coach, Eric Orton, will be guiding participants through running drills, forms, strength, balance training, along with other unique approaches for healthier, faster and smarter running. This is a great opportunity to maintain speed fitness while being on a longer adventure.

Daily distances will be anywhere from 12 to 25 miles along with training drills. This is an intermediate to more advanced level course. Trail running/racing experience is required. We ask that you submit a trail or trail race time that reflects within or faster than middle pack.


Please read gear list before signing up. All runners are expected to have the appropriate gear for this style course. This course is a Trifecta of training. We use ultralight minimalist running gear, Primitive skills are taught by Matt Graham, and science based coaching with Eric Orton. This is a great time to refine your FKT running kit if you don’t have all the items on the list.

-Ultralight sleeping bag (14-19 ounce down summer bag) Recommended brand is Western Mountaineering.

-Ultralight tarp (about 6x8 size)

-Ultralight running pack (recommendations: Ultraspire Epic 25L. Ultraspire Bryce XT 15L pack (for an extremely small kit). Or the Ultimate Direction FKT 18L pack)

-Two 500ml style running bottles (hard or soft)

-Titanium cup for cooking over a fire (NOT double walled)

-Your preferred clothing for temperatures from 35 to 80 degrees (Recommended; two running shorts, light fleece top, two socks, one sun shirt, wide brim sun hat, and optional beanie)

-Well broken-in shoes (This is not a time to test new footwear)

-Mini Lightweight bushcraft style knife (Tops Little Bugger, or small Mora knives is recommended)

-Two bandanas

-Food stuff sack

-30 feet of cordage to hang food , and miscellaneous.

-Personal first aid and blister kit.

-One penlight for getting to your sleep spot from the fire after dark (single battery AAA size recommend)

-No watches or Phones are permitted by participants (runners) of the course. (Time to embrace being off grid)


-Basic meal rations will be provided by Matt Graham Earth Skills School (energy snacks of your choice within reason are also allowed for this course)

*For further details and camp registration, please visit the Ultralight Roots Running event page.

See you in Utah!

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