Eric Orton has a passion for adventure, participation, and health. As a mountain runner, coach, author, and entrepreneur, Eric has spent a lifetime exploring human potential and the limitless possibilities of the body and mind.  

Based in the outdoor adventure paradise of Jackson Hole, Wyoming— Eric is an elite mountain runner and athlete with epic adventures always on his mind.  He has raced competitively at most every distance from 100 meters to 36 hours in length.

As a performance guru and world-renowned running coach, Eric personally oversees the training of dozens of athletes, from recreational racers, competitive age groupers, to elite ultramarathoners.

Eric earned international notoriety as the coach of Christopher McDougall, a relationship that initially began with Eric helping McDougall train for and joining him to race the 50-mile Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon with the Tarahumara Indians. That story served as the foundation for McDougall's 2009 best-selling book, "Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen."

As the coaching star and a featured character in Born To Run, Eric traveled with Chris on the Born To Run book tour, speaking to groups of runners across the country, and everywhere he went at least one person would come up to him and say, “Thanks for changing my life. 

Born To Run has become a global phenomenon with a tremendous interest in Eric's coaching and training methods.  Eric now had a platform from which to help many, many people.  

In 2013, Eric authored his first book, The Cool Impossible, as a way to help all those folks wondering how to put it all together and become strong, fast, healthy runners who can challenge themselves to their own Cool Impossible by dreaming beyond fear and living beyond limits.  

His book has been published in 7 languages and in 15 countries to date, and is also the first step toward Eric's Cool Impossible of Global Running: to have one runner per household—worldwide. 


The former fitness director for the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Eric has a BS in Business Marketing from the State University College of New York at Buffalo and a BS in Environmental Land Use Planning from Metropolitan State College of Denver.  

He is a certified Functional Training Specialist and has held coaching certifications from both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling.










Train With Eric

Foot Core

The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limits

“this is by far one of the best training books of the past decade.” - Competitor Magazine

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