Hello, I read The Cool Impossible about a year ago and followed the strengthening and form program. The results have been great. I had an injury-free cross-country season and achieved all-state with a 14:53 3-mile. I have been building a base (45-55 miles per week) for track since the beginning of november and now my right shin has pain while I run. It hurts on the inner side of the shin bone. I noticed that if I push down on my lower calf, above my achilles, a pain shoots through my shins. Also it hurts if i apply pressure on the inner side of my calf right above the ankle. Since I live near chicago and there's snow, I have been doing all my runs on hard surfaces or through the snow. In the past, The Cool Impossible and the community have given me great suggestions to help with injuries. Do you know what might be causing this shin pain and do you have any suggestions?


Charlie Nodus

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Hey Charlie

Are you often running on uneven due to the snow?

If so, my feeling is you are getting a lot of lateral movement that you are not used to, causing some stress to those areas you mentioned.

Especially if you are trying to maintain your normal speed, when the snow/surfaces are slowing you down.

I would focus on making sure you are not over striding and lowering your cadence during poor run conditions.

Shorten the stride and make sure you stride the ground under you, similar to where you natural strike the ground running in place and focus on allowing the heels to hit.

If you are keeping your heels elevated in the uneven surfaces, this will cause even more lateral movement, again causing stress.  This sometimes can be GOOD strength, but if down too much, too often, will cause some over stress to the muscles - which could be what you are feeling in your lower inner calf.

Hope this helps - E 

Also, let me add that is it common to start feeling aches and pains AFTER you conclude a hard training cycle or season.  To achieve All State (congrats by the way!!), you were training hard during this time.  Did you take any time off after November?

Thanks for the tips! I went on vacation about a week ago and was running through deep snow every day; that's probably what did it. The week after the state meet I started building a base for track and did not take any time off. I took this last week off because of the pain in my shins and lower calves. Would you recommend that I take time off after each season?


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