I read the section in The Cool Impossible on the sugar detox with a great deal of interest. My question / meanderings are around the avoidance of sugars, post-run recovery and the glycemic index.

I've always been under the impression that foods with a high GI (such as glucose, for example) were beneficial immediately post-run when the body is most susceptible to replacing / building depleted glycogen stores. Certainly, many recovery formulas (For Goodness Shakes in the UK for example) contain up to 50G of glucose in a typical serving.

What are people's thoughts on this?

Is a well-balanced meal immediately post-run the preference (what if you don't feel like eating)?

Is a fruit smoothie (perhaps with some nuts blended in for protein) preferable as then at least the sugars are naturally derived rather than processed?


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Wondering the same thing myself. Have you experimented at all since this post. Would love to hear if you have more info.

Hey guys...Over the past 2 years I've tried various things post long run recovery. Most of my long runs require a 1-2 hour drive to access trails, so my choices are fast-food or restaurants unless I bring something with me (which in summer means something that can tolerate hot car-not much). I've not ever really tried recovery drinks, they never sound appealing and I just "feel" the need for real food. My favorite post workout food and what seems to make me feel best and re-energize is smoothies. My favorite is banana, kale, frozen blueberries, a tablespoon or two of hemp hearts and coconut milk to cover blended. Then I start craving solid food and it's usally a salad with chicken or when I get back to town, I hit my favorite authentic chinese food place where she makes me broccoli beef with tons of really fresh crisp broccoli and a really light broth as opposed to sauce and her hand made egg roll. sometimes a burger and a sweet potato...but I will admit many a long run...especially in summer gets followed by McDonald large fries and water. then I get home and get real food or smoothie. I can pretty well trust my cravings now and have a variety of go to foods. My diet is about 80-90% sugar(except fruit) and flour free. (with exception of fueling during long runs/races). The more sugar/flour in my diet the worse I feel and the more sugar/flour I crave. If Im sticking with my 80-90% rule, I crave good stuff and feel good.
I have a glass of milk post long run then I eat, before sugar detox this was whatever we were all having now it's a piece of fruit etc. Like Lori I've never been into the shakes at all, don't even like Nesqick or Other shakes so thought the high price was a lot to pay for something I probably wouldn't like.
Hey there, I have been experimenting in the new year, cutting out flour/sugar further and am finding ..so far that my overall energy is higher and my recovery from strenuous runs faster. Post hard or long run I still crave "real food" and have not gone for recovery shakes or bars. my favorite post run refuel is breakfast...bacon, eggs, maybe a slice of whole grain toast with real butter... or not and coffee with heavy cream. For some reason this combination is magical for me And sustains me much of the rest of the day.


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