OK folks, there has been a request for another no sugar 20 day challenge.  Who's in?  How about doing it up right and start on Valentines Day?

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You are obviously a man, I will join, but will start Feb 15th. Dark chocolate on Valentines is a must!
That first line is classic; thanks for the laugh!
Started 4 days ago and it is great! I lost a few pounds and feel great, even during my long run (which are only 1h30 for me).
Not feeling any craving for sugar and eating vegetables and fruits a lot.

Count me in!

D'oh! Missed the Valentine's Day start...I'll hop in now because there's no better day. This morning, I was annoyed to notice that the almond butter I just opened has sugar and palm oil in it. WHY?!?! I have to admit that my biggest temptation comes from ice cream. There is fabulous local ice cream in my area and I love the heaps of fat that it provides...bet it would taste just as good without! Here goes. Cheers.

Smucker’s Creamy Natural Peanut Butter is sold at our Walmart and only has 2 ingredients: peanuts and salt.
Any luck finding good food at Sprouts, Colton?
How's it going, Colton? It's funny to see how many people get upset when you turn down their offerings of sweets. I'm currently enjoying Gary Taubes' "The Case Against Sugar", a timely read!
Get It Colton! I've done a couple of 2 week challenges. The biggest takeaway for me was the New awareness of how much sugar is in EVERYTHING, and how good eating "clean" feels. My training and racing are sensitive to my diet. I do eat sugar some...but it is very k owingly and often strategic to training and racing. When your body is inundated with simple sugars all day every day (just small amounts in everything), you crave more of the same, your overall appetite increases and you have a very dulled sense of what your body really needs. Once you eliminate sugar for a couple of weeks you will be amazed at how you can actually taste food and crave real whole foods. Sugar also dulls your sense of taste and eliminates your cravings for vitamin and mineral rich foods....instead amps cravings for more sugar.

Hey, the last time that I quit coffee, I only stuck to it for a week. We'll get there!


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