The Next Group 20 day sugar detox starts Feb 9th. Get ready and lets do it together.  Who's in?  Use this Forum for support, group discussions, and questions/comments.  

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I'm in!

I'm in! I need an intervention! 

And the back of my 27 days with no booze
Count me in too, my last attempt fizzled out after a week. Even though our household is strict with sugar as my wife is a type 1 diabetic, like everyone I was shocked how sugar is absolutely in everything.

I'm in.

Planning organic rolled oats, unsweetened almond milk and fruit for breakfasts, will enjoy a final bowl of maple syrup granola tomorrow...

Interested to see the results.

Chocolate is my down fall
Ok everyone, start Monday. Be sure to start new discussions on specific experiences and issues. Let's support and motivate everyone in this.
Hi everyone I've already started planning by thinking of alternatives & strategies so as to concour this. I'm away for work at the moment which makes it harder but I'm going to make my own Breakfast & lunch. Fruit & black or green tea for breakfast & salad with tuna (or similar) for Lunch.
I'm thinking of Asian for dinner, Chinese or Thai.
Good luck everyone.

I'm in!  Where are the details?!!  :-)

Sugar detox is a great thing to do!

Just short question, what about dry fruits during this 20 day challange?

Hi Gniewomir If they contain no added or processed sugar they are fine. The goal here is to illuminate all processed sugar & added sugar. Hope this helps

That's what I thought, but I just needed some confiramtion, you know, better be safe than sorry ;)

I have some really good recipes f.e. power bars which are great for longer runns (made only out of dry fruits no added sugar).

Looks like I should post some here.


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