I just ran a 5k race while on vacation. In typical vacation style, we got lost driving to race, and only ended up with 10-15 minutes to warm up. What kind of warm up do you recommend for a 5k when you are pressed for time?

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triple espresso
Hey Sheila - No warm-up and you still PR'd?? Nice! Anyway, a triple espresso always helps, but next time in this situation try these things. When traveling OR for that matter before any race, try to go for a walk or very easy run after waking in the morning, before you eat. This is something the Kenyons do and is called a "shake out" run. Since the pace is not hard, the purpose is to just elevate your body temperature, which is very important. Also, because this is done very early, when traveling, you have a good chance to get this in before the day gets started and before you have the opportunity to get lost!
Then once you get to the race, you still focus on your normal prescribed warm-up. In your specific case last week, when you only had 10-15 min to warm-up, you could have tried this. Start out very easy and progress to a very hard effort during the time you have (10-15 min). This way you are ending the run very hard (Zone 5a+), with an elevated HR, but you also allowed your body to ease into it by starting easy, Zone 1.
Then, as you are waiting for the start of the race, position yourself at the front and do short pick-ups back and forth until they make you get in line. This is a good practice regardless, so you are starting the race with your HR as high as possible. The shorter and harder the race, the higher you want your HR to be at the start. This will help avoid having that first out of breath feeling or what you call "getting your second wind".

Hope that helps - E


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