I'm totally new to all of this. I just finished reading the book & I've been doing all foot strength exercises for about 2 weeks. (The massage therapist I go to seems to notice a big difference in my legs already). The last half marathon I trained for resulted in a stress fracture in my foot. I've been riding the bike (which is so boring!) & now trying to figure out my running form & how to get back into running again. I know my next step is to order the more flexible shoes. Running stores don't sell very many of those thinner shoes so I've been looking online. Those Lems Primal shoes look nice but what I see online is only mens. Does it matter if I get a man or woman's shoe? Would someone be able to give me some advice on which brands are helping them with running? Everybody tells me I need 'more support because I'm over pronating' but I know that's not right, & I want to be careful & do what I can to not get another stress fracture. Any input would be appreciated!

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Wow that's amazing! So far I've been doing them maybe a little less than a month, for 3 times a week on the days that I do a little bit of running. My feet & legs always feel kind of tight & really tired after it so I don't think I could do them much more that every other day if I tried. Thanks!

All good suggestions so far...
A list of brands to consider that I found a few years ago (in no particular order):
New Balance Minimus
Salomon Running
The North Face
Topo Athletic
Xero Shoes
Vibram FiveFingers
Vivo Barefoot

My personal favorites are Vibram FiveFingers, Vivo Barefoot, and (to a lesser degree) Altra. I have wide feet, so that excludes many of the above brands for me.

I find my pair of Altra Instinct 2.0 to be too tall / soft at this point in my journey, so I don't really run in them much. (I should have bought a pair of Altra One2 instead, but I was shopping at the local run shop and they didn't carry those.)

I would prefer to shop local for shoes, but I have given up on finding minimal zero-drop shoes locally. I primarily order from zappos.com although deals can be found on 6pm.com (the clearance section of Zappos).

Ok some of those I've never heard of, thank you for the information!

Vivo Barefoot is actually a good brand -- I like their casual shoes a lot -- but I do find the toe box to be too narrow for running. Topo Athletic looks like the ninja tabi shoes and they were designed by the guy who also was involved with the Five Finger shoes. Definitely go with the Altra if you can find them!

Interesting that you found the Vivo Barefoot to be too narrow.  I found it to have one of the wider toe boxes.

Just bought my first pair of Topo Athletic shoes: the MT-2 trail shoe.  For me, I was never able to get the Altra shoes to fit my heel properly (too loose).  So far the Topo's seem "just right".

Hey everybody! I can't figure out how to reply to all of you on the weird layout of this website, but somehow my account got deleted & I had to re-enter one. (I've been busy & haven't had a chance to do it til now). Anyway, a few months ago I ordered a few different pairs of Altras to try & found all of them to run a little small (my left foot's bigger) except the Altra One 2.5. I decided to take a leap of faith & go for a short run in those new shoes & I immediately noticed a slight difference in my running. Long story short, I've found my new favorite running shoe, & I think combined with doing all foot strength & fit-ball exercises, I'm running easier & feeling lighter & stronger when I run. I just completed training for the Ohio Health Capital City Half Marathon: that was today (they actually televised it because the USATF Elites were competing here)- I really felt like I could've run the whole 13.1 but it was raining here in Ohio & lightning struck about 4 feet away from me at around mile 6.5, so I booked it & ran like hell but they called off the race & I couldn't finish after I'd run 9 miles. This race was SO disappointing because we trained for it a good 16 weeks. I did run 12 full miles 2 weekends ago as part of our peak practice for this race & I had no problems. I was having some major knee pains in my old shoes. Thank you everyone for the advice & help! I'll be doing my best to continue to train for the next race & hope I can finish that one!


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