Hi Eric,

I have the ebook th Cool Impossible, and my copy has this workout for Week 9 Day 3

Day 3 WU: 5–10' building to HRZ 2.

MS: HRZ 2–3. Finish with 5–6 × 10" sprints on flat or hills (mix it up) w/1' RI.

CD: 5' in HRZ 1.

The main set doesn't give the time duration for the HRZ 2-3. Can you let me know what the Main Set duration should be so that I can add this in to my program.


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Hi Jeff - good catch, as this was a typo. You can do 30-40 min in zone 2-3, so the total time is between 60-75 min based on what you have time for.

Hope this helps and hope you are enjoying the training. 

HI Eric,

Thanks for the response.  I am absolutely enjoying the training and the help that you have provided.  I love that you are so accessible for questions and the insights that you provide.

Thanks heaps.



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