I am currently running full time in my Nike Free's, but want to transition full time to running in my Vibram's.  I have begun feeling some of the same foot pain (right across my arch) running in my Free's as I did while running in my Asic's (you told me that pain was a signal to begin transitioning full time to Nike Free's).  I have done some runs in my Vibram's but have experienced some knee pain afterwards along with some calf soreness.  How should I begin to transition full time to Vibram's or is that even an option? Should I use the Vibram's strictly for foot strengthening and do my training and races in Nike Free's?  I just don't want to injure myself through inexperience and over enthusiasm.  Thanks for your help. 

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I do not think the pain you are feeling now is due to the need to transition to Vibrams full time.  The Free's are too flexible for , I believe, this to happen like it did with your old shoes.  If you have been doing more running in your 5fingers, this pain could simply be from working your feet more if you are running fast in them?? Just a guess.

I would pick one or two runs per week using the vibrams and slowly increase your time for these runs - but keep the speed slow.  The trick is to keep it easy and you add time, as it is easy to do too much too soon AND too fast.

20-30 min at a time to let your feet adapt and strenghten.


Did you start to feel this pain AFTER you started using the 5fingers more or did the pain come on before you starting using them?




That is probably a good guess.  I did a fair amount of running when I first got the 5 Fingers, but now I have scaled back a bit.  The knee pain is on the same knee I strained my MCL, but it didn't bother me again until I ran in the Vibram's.  I should say that it doesn't hurt all the time, it more aches, if I ice it then it usually feels better w/out resorting to ibuprofen.  Would the pain returning be my body's way of adapting?  While running in the Vibram's feels comfortable, it is also a bit awkward, if that makes sense.  So I assume I am in somewhat of a transition period, but of what I am not sure. The wear pattern on my Free's is right on my forefoot, so I know I have a forefoot strike.  Could the 5fingers be making me strike further forward?  Hope this makes sense and thanks for the help.   


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