Hi All,

I have been using Training peaks to automatically download my Cool Impossible workouts to my Garmin each morning. It is really great and takes the effort away from timing and thinking when out on my run. The watch gives me warnings when i am in or out of my Heart Rate Zone.

A few points to note:

  • When creating the zones for each workout you have to convert the Heart Rates into % Max. 
  • Training peaks does not allow for Speed zones settings. This will have to be manually done on the run.

Overall it is a great help in managing running intervals, heart rate and timings allowing me to focus on my form (or my dog running partner) 

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Hey Ben

Great work here. Can you step me through this, as I go from Training Peaks, manually create a “Workout” in Garmin, and then upload to my Garmin FR 620.

Thanks in advance:)




I just had a look at the garmin IQ app and it appears to not support the FR620. See below.


The watch app is needed to download the workouts from training peaks. However what you are doing sounds suitable and similar.

Happy to provide some steps if still wanted.

Hi Ben

Thanks for the follow up. 

Yep, makes sense my watch isn’t supported, as I think I looked at this ages ago, and I have to do it the manual way.

All good, and happy running.




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