Training for First Full Marathon with The Training Program in the Book

I have registered for my first full marathon, which will be in October, and I will be using the training program from the book to prepare for it. I am currently in Phase 2 of the program and will be completing for a second time before racing a 5K in June. I used the program to train for a half marathon last year and had good results.

Has anyone here used this program to prepare for a full marathon? If so, did you find that the long runs specified in phase 2 were long enough to have you prepared for the 26.2 miles in the marathon?

My peak weekly mileage so far this year was 45 miles in phase 1 with longest run of 16 miles. I am now at 35-40 in phase 2, and my long runs are ending up being about 11 miles. This is obviously fine for 5K to HM distance, but being that this will be my first marathon, I am concerned that my long runs for the 9 weeks leading up to my marathon may be too short. My plan is to increase my weekly mileage to peak at around 60 miles per week with a longest run about 20 miles in phase 1, which would put my long runs in phase 2 maxing at around 15-16 miles. I understand the rationale behind reducing the mileage while increasing the intensity in phase 2, but 9 weeks seems like a long time to go without at least a couple of runs approaching race distance.

Any advice from those experienced with marathon training, especially using the program from the book, would be greatly appreciated. Most of the threads I found in a site search pertained to Eric's "Marathon training Program."

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Hi Patrick

I've done the foundation program twice now for my first and second marathon, and I've found the distances more than adequate.

My longest run in phase 1 was about 38km's, so not far off of race distance. I'm kind of surprised that your long run didn't end up being slightly longer, but before I started the program, I was doing a casual 21km's on a Saturday with friends, so I had a larger base to work off of to start the  program.

I wouldn't worry about not getting close to race distance in the last 8 weeks, as the increased intensity more than compensates.

My times in my two marathons have been, 3:06:48 and a 3:09:58, so sticking to the program worked for me at least.

I hope this helps, but if you have further questions, fire away.


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