After reading the book I expected weeks of slant board work prior to noticing a change.  After a week of not quite doing the slant board exercises properly (I think use my poles as crutches too much) my pace centered around 6m30s for 2nd mile of a 5 mile run.  That's a time I would've been very happy to see 30 years ago.  I've been running 10m miles for months and recently slowed down to 11-13m so I could concentrate on form.  Today, I felt good and ran easy-light-fast through an inch of slush for 5 miles.  I felt great (although I can sense my left ankle isn't as strong as my right) and was surprised by my pace.

I'm very glad this works and am looking forward to greater distance, albeit at a slower pace, with less risk of injury.  There are many lakes and trails I've been eyeing....


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Awesome Peter - thanks so much for sharing this. I get many many questions and it is very reward for me to hear stories like this - so thanks and keep eyeing those lakes and trails.  And keep us posted.


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