Hi all,

I'd like to ask about some pain I have been experiencing in the last few weeks, the story goes like this: I started Eric's strength training about a month and a half ago, with slant board exercises with ski poles. A the same time, I started running -- re-starting after a 4 months stop due to ITB -- with Vibram FiveFingers (KSO) following directions from the book.

During a holiday, a few weeks ago, I found myself with the only option of trail for running, and although KSO are not really good for that I gave it a try. It was predictably painful, but manage to run my 5-6km. I was also very happy about it.

A couple of days after, however, I started feeling a pain under the foot, in the top central part of the foot ball a bit underneath the fingers and that has sort of preventing me from doing the slant board exercises. Funny enough, if I try with the stability disk I have no pain. I also noticed a small callus in about the same position.

The pain manifests itself even when I walk, and I can notice it even when I run but after a while it sort of feathers back. By virtue of that, I didn't have to stop running and actually I have been ramping up mileage (up to 9km now).

Some googling around various sources of information seem to indicate it may be tarsalgia, and it would make sense to think this is due to the VFF enforcing a new movement of the feet and muscles not able to fully support them yet.

My questions are: has anyone experienced anything similar? In that case, what did you do? Any particular remedy to recommend?

Any information is more than welcome.



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A couple things come to mind. Rum in place....notice how your foot lands, forefoot then heel...is this what it feels like when you are running? I wonder if you may be running up on your toes more? Also, with your history of IT issues (I have also experienced) you may be running with your knees flexed. Opening up my hips helped...to do this picture someone with ropes attached to your waist pulling you forward. Don't exaggerate, but you migHt try that. That helped me keep feet under me and extending the stance leg a little more and not running so flexed. Again, these may or may not be issues with you, but the running in place will really help you know if you are planting your foot right.

Thanks for your reply Lori,

as far as I can see (and feel), running in place is the same as running, I take particular care in ensuring I land on the forefoot as mentioned in Eric's book.

I don't quite understand your argument around flexing the knee, nor I understand what you mean by 'opening' the hips. The visualization does not help either, unfortunately, any chance you can elaborate a bit more on it or can provide some pointers to sources of information?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your reply Lori. I tried running in place and it does feel like what I do when I run. I think you may be right when you say I could be running up my toes more tha I should, in fact I appear to put excessive weight on my forefoot when I land. The question at this point is: how to avoid putting excessive weight on my forefoot when landing? I believe the issue is in my imperfect style, I have a feeling I need to work on my posture and ensure I run straight instead of leaving forward as I appear to do. Do you know a visualization that could help me rectifying this -- sorry I didn't really understand the one above...

Thanks again!


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