I am on Day 2 of my Strength training, and I am super excited!

 I did the slant board exercises and lunges yesterday, and today I started on all the fitball exercises.  I have two questions about those:

1. My wrists started hurting after a few minutes.   Am I doing something wrong?  If it is just part of beginning and getting used to doing them, any suggestions?

2. I noticed after Day 1 that my legs were a little sore, but after today's exercises, I barely felt anything in my core or glutes or hips, all the areas that those exercises work.  Does this mean I am doing them wrong, or maybe using the wrong part of my body to do the movement?  If so, does anyone have any suggestions on working to make sure I am doing them right?

Thank you so much!

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My only suggestion would be to make sure your movements are slow and intentional, really focusing on activating those muscles. Soreness does usually subside quickly and may or may not recur.


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